Red Robin offering Kaepernick free Red Robin for life if 49ers win Superbowl


It appears that Red Robin is officially on the Colin Kaepernick bandwagon. It appears that word got to Red Robin that Colin loves their burgers, so Red Robin went one step further and are offering him free Red Robin for life if he leads the 49ers to victory on Sunday. Here is the image (via Darren Rovell) of the ad Red Robin is running in tomorrow’s SF Chronicle…Hopefully this means Red Robin are 49ers fans, maybe not, but I bet Joe Flacco isn’t getting offered free food for life.

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  • ctsmithiii

    If the 49er’s win the super bowl, CK doesn’t need free food for life. Red Robin, how about helping out the homeless and soup kitchens of SF?

    • I think this is a marketing thing you yoo yoo!

      • ctsmithiii

        Red Robin would receive much greater marketing benefit if they did something for the community rather than a deserving millionaire who’s going to get a whole lot wealthier.

  • CK7 Oooo([{=====================>> RAVENS

  • disqus_tYqmaNRZqc

    In/Out if he loses…

  • Don

    typo – ‘as one our most valued patrons.’ as one of our most valued patrons