Are you a Superfan? If so, the Travel Channel is looking for you

Are you a die-hard fan of 49ers Football? Does your extreme devotion put other fans to shame? If so, you could be part of a new special for Travel Channel!

Travel Channel is looking for the most devoted 49ers fans with great personal stories, and will reward one lucky person with the fan experience of their dreams.

To be considered, please complete the following application and email your submission to with the subject line: Travel Channel Superfan Application.

You must be available to be in New Orleans from January 21st through January 23rd in order to be considered. *Travel costs will be covered by us.

Please include a photo of yourself, and if applicable, photos of your tailgate setup and friends.

Please email us the following information with your photos:


– Please introduce yourself – name, location, family and occupation.
– Please tell us about your friends and family who are also extreme 49ers fans.
– What is your history with the San Francisco 49ers?
– Why are you the 49ers’ biggest fan?
– Aside from being such a huge fan, why are you the most deserving fan for this tailgate?
– What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done in the name of 49ers Football?
– Do you tailgate at games? If so, tell us about your tailgate setup.
– What do you normally cook and eat at games or when you tailgate?
– What would your ultimate tailgate party look like?
– Why is tailgating so important to you?

Please Note: We are unable to follow up with every applicant.

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