Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick: A Recommendation


Jim Harbaugh recruits Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck befriends Colin Kaepernick. Jim Harbaugh drafts Colin Kaepernick. Funny how things work out.

Jim Harbaugh isn’t one who needs help when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks, but when one of your star pupils mentions one, you listen.

Scott Ostler has a piece in the Chronicle, where he mentions how Harbaugh and Kaepernick first became acquainted and how a little recommendation from Andrew Luck peaked Harbaugh’s interest in Kaepernick.

It started before Kapernick’s senior year at Nevada when he begged for an invitation to the Manning Passing Academy, there is where Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick became good friends.

After the camp was over and Luck headed back to Stanford, Harbaugh asked Luck if he’d seen anybody who looked good. Luck said oh yeah, Colin Kaepernick.

Now it would become another year before Harbaugh became a NFL head coach, but it looks like that mention from Andrew Luck, stuck with Harbaugh and was enough to have him and Trent Baalke travel to Reno to take a closer look at Kaepernick.

With both Harbaugh and Kaepernick in the Superbowl, we all know how that visit turned out.

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