49ers vs Packers Part II

The Green Bay Packers took care of the Minnesota Vikings during their Wild Card Weekend Matchup, which sends them on the road to face the 49ers on Saturday, January 12th. Kickoff is set for 5:00 pm PST.

This is the second meeting this year between the two teams. In the opening week of the season the 49ers beat the Packers in Green Bay 30-22. In that game Aaron Rodgers threw for 303 yards and 2 touchdowns. The 49ers starter Alex Smith threw for 211 and 2 touchdowns. This time however, the Packers will be at the Stick and Alex Smith will be holding the clipboard.

The early line on the game is the 49ers at -3, but I expect that line to move throughout the week. Jim Harbaugh mentioned earlier in the week that they were game planning for the Packers as they were expecting them to beat the Vikings, good call on the coaches part.

The biggest question going into this week is the health of Justin Smith, he’ll play but at this time we do not know how effective he’ll be. The 49ers must get pressure on Aaron Rodgers to win this game, In the first meeting he was sacked 2 times. Hopefully Aldon Smith figures out what has kept him sackless in the last three games and hopefully it wasn’t the loss of Justin that limited Aldon.

Looking back on the numbers from the first week, the loss of Manningham, Hunter and Williams should not affect this game. Manningham was 4 for 29 and Hunter rushed for 41, but with the game play of LaMichael James and Michael Crabtree emerging of late, the 49ers should be in good shape on offense.

Wonder if this time Aaron Rodgers will end up wearing that Alex Smith jersey…

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  • Basharr

    Justin Smith not playing has cost Alden Smith, hopefully on Saturday we shall see the Smith brothers doing what they do best…On a side note Rogers is a jerk, he should have kept his word and worn the jersey. A mans word is his bond, he broke it let the Niners make him pay…Again!

  • Gold Rush fan 1988

    These games going thru good teams is how champions are made! Save Justin for 2nd half. See what RJF can do 1st half. U know our DBs are up for the challenge. I hope Colin is and plays at a high level Saturday!

  • Junior

    I do not have a good feeling about this weekends game. I have been a fan since 1985, and have watched my 49ers faithfully every year, and I just don't have a good feeling. I hope I am wrong about this feeling, but the feeling comes from thew play of Kap. He is unbelievable when he want's, but just unconsistant, and that was my greatest fear seeing the change this year, but it is what it is and the dise will roll as they fall. I just don't see the level of confidense from this years team, they don't have that swager that last year teams had, that nothing will stop in our way mentality. They seem a little unsure of themselves, like there's a fear of themselves they wont show, like they are just not confident at all,super confident like last year. The Defense is weaker ofcourse, and the team just show's holes. I really hope come Saturday they prove my fear wrong and all ours and show us they are ready to win it all, WE, THE LONG TIME REAL FANS!!! (NOT BAGWAGONERS ACTING LIKE LONG TIME FANS) tHE REAL LONG TIME FANS LIKE MYSELF, AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE, WE DESERVE THIS SO MUCH, ITS BEEN A LOOOOOOONG TIME COMING FOR US!!!!!

    • PJB


      • Junior

        Thank you for the compliment Bandwagoner. Go 49ers!!

  • PJB

    Dude the most important thing for you to feel good about is yourself. Stay in school, pay attention to the 3 R's especially spelling, which leads to writing and reading…if you proof read what you wrote you would be in a state of panic. Your grammar is appalling and is that of a 4th (sub-part) grader. Other than that it's good to be a Niner fan, don't worry be happy the Niners have this Packer group figured out, and with the help of some timely sacks on Rodgers and some interceptions from our secondary we will ship out of this,' storm of troubles and by opposes end them'. So, relax and enjoy the game.

    • Junior

      LOL, thank you Wanna be Professor. I am sorry your living in your Daddy's basement with your know it all intellec. Go to the Cowboys blog, thats were you belong with your judgemental attitude. Grow up and grow a pair punk.

  • PJB

    opposing. mybad.

    • Junior

      Correct, Newbie bandwagoner fan, your opposing and New, good insight my friend!

  • Junior

    And Go 49ers!!!!

  • Junior

    PJB can dish it out but can't back it up. LOL. Go back to Dallas young man and let us 49er fans talk about the team we love. You don't belong here Bandwagoner….

  • NinerPundit

    Junior. I was more worried about last years Saints game than I am about this Packers game.