49ers sign kicker Billy Cundiff

The 49ers have signed veteran kicker Billy Cundiff to compete with David Akers. The two will battle it out to see who becomes the teams kicker heading into the playoffs.

Cundiff played for Harbaugh’s brother John last year, but he missed a game winning FG that would have put the Ravens in the Super Bowl. My guess is that Akers will keep the job and kick during the playoffs. Cundiff is brought in to compete and hopefully light a fire under Akers ass.

To make room for Cundiff the 49ers waived Eric Bakhtiari…

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  • Prospecting

    Cundiff if just a tool to bring up Akers production to put some motivation to get Himself better. Cundiff not better than Akers and this should cure the slump.

  • Niner_PNW

    Akers is a professional and just needs to rebuild his confidence. Nothing wrong mechanically. But can he fix it in 2 weeks…..? Try yoga?

    • gary nichols

      They should have kept bakhtiari.

  • Domingo Hernandez

    Senor Pundit, you are no nice man. Why do you not respond to commentos. I want to comment but my comments are not recognized also my friend. Senor Pundit, you are no Bueno, I want to talk football, I am dissapointed my friend.