OC Greg Roman drawing interest from NFL teams

Last season Greg Roman was sought after for college coaching gigs, after his second full season as OC, NFL teams are starting to take notice.

After at least seven head coaches fired on Black Monday, reports are surfacing that two teams have Greg Roman on their head coaching list. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Buffalo Bills.

With the 49ers still in the playoffs, NFL teams have this weekend to interview Roman if they wish as the 49ers have their bye. If by chance they do not interview him this weekend, then teams must wait until the 49ers are no longer in the playoffs. As the 49ers are odds on favorites to reach the Super Bowl, if teams are really interested in Roman they better act fast.

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    This is much like when we lost Holmgren to the Pack in the early nineties. If he goes I am thinking bringing back Norv Turner would be a good replacement. I always said Norv when he left before was not head coaching material. Some are good head coaches and some are very good coordinator/assisting roles Norv and Sing being 2 of them. If Fangio were to go would it be a possibility to get back Nolan as a defensive coordinator, can a former head coach be a coordinated with us or is there a time frame in NFL rules????

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    Saying that, I know Harbough knows the replacements he needs, he seems very confident in that, like he already has though of replacements if the situtation occurs. I think maybe he'll bring someone from the college ranks, someone fresh, someone with offensive excellence, not someone like Jimmy Raye, who I thought was a terrible choice back then. Harbough will bring in a offensice juggernaut, a offensive mastermind. I think Norv would be good choice, since he was let go from San Diiego, but he might want someone fresh. On the defensive side I would love Nolan back as defensive coordinater, but again, I'm sure Harbough has made all the choices already in advance, but Nolan would be good, but was I was asking Pundit can an ex head coach be our defensive coordianter on the same team, is there a NFL time frame, can you answer Pundit???