Harbaugh needs to go back to ‘hot hand’ Alex Smith

Let me start by saying that the future of this team is under Colin Kaepernick. I understand that Alex Smith was keeping the QB spot warm, until Harbaugh found his guy. I’m ready and looking forward to the Colin Kaepernick Era, but just not now.

The 49ers have four games left in the season and in order to win the West they need to win three of four or win two of four as long as one of those wins is against the Seattle Seahawks. Realistically, the Seahawks can win out. They have games against the Cardinals, Bills, 49ers and Rams. Of those four, three of them are in Seattle. At this time the 49ers can not afford anymore games like they played against the Rams. The 49ers need to win out and lock up that bye week in the playoffs.

Alex Smith is leading the NFL in completion percentage, before being benched he was 27 of 29 for over 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. Alex is smart and does his best to avoid turnovers. With that being said, Alex Smith should be the starting QB and not Colin Kaepernick. Believe me, I was on the Kaepernick bandwagon after the Bears and Saints games, but after watching him yesterday, I’m not ready to put the ball in his hands. Kaepernick made mistakes that I honestly believe Alex doesn’t make. The 49ers can not afford to go with essentially a rookie, who is still learning the nuances of the game. I’d rather put my trust in Alex Smith dink and dunking and not committing turnovers, than a QB who is still getting his feet wet.

I can not reiterate enough that I know Kaepernick is the future of this team and I’m good with that, but in the middle of a Super Bowl run, I think Alex Smith is the better man for the job.

I know that Harbaugh isn’t going to go back on his decision and Kaepernick is the QB from here on out. I hate to say it but I feel that decision is going to come back and bite him in the ass and leave a lot of people second guessing.

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  • tennis22drew

    Totally disagree, I would rather risk early playoff elimination then watch Alex check it down and get sacked over and over, and hope our defense is enough. It is easy to lead the league in completion percentage when all throws are 5 yards or under.

    • Miles

      except he's 2nd in yards per attempt… also, when you run the ball a higher % than any other team in the league, those short throws are not so easy – the defense is stacking the line.

      Also, have you heard of this thing called the West Coast Offense? a guy named Bill Walsh created it, it's based on short passes and yards after the catch… it's crazy, but it actually delivered us 5 Super Bowls and revolutionized the league! Crazy, right?

      OMG a fast QB with a rocket arm! WOWWW. – Al Davis

      • tennis22drew

        Never heard of it- when was the last Super Bowl win?

        It is fine though, everyone has a right to their take on this. I'm just saying we know what Alex has to offer, and as someone who hasn't missed a game since he was drafted, I am ready to move on (even in a year where we currently hold the 2 seed)

        • Bison

          Bandawagoner, Go back to rooting for the patriots or Saints.

          • tennis22drew

            Can you read? I guess you missed the part about not missing a game since Alex was drafted. How many bandwagon fans do you know who watched the entire year where our only 2 wins were against the Cardinals?

      • Eisajoke

        Yeah, that's it, idiot. West Coast Offense…short passsssezzzzzzz.

        The only people who say this are idiots who never actually watched the 49ers back then. That's not the style of offense Walsh used at all. Walsh was traditional offensively. The Vikings in the Tarkenton era were about short passes. Walsh was about balance and having carefully orchestrated offensive game plans.

        And the defense "stacking the line" has absolutely nothing to do with making short passes more difficult. What a joke. Did you actually watch that Cardinals game? Every quarterback in the league hits every one of the underneath throws Smith completed.

        By the way, yards per attempt is largely based on completion percentage.

  • 49ersfan

    So it's a hot hand if your passing game is one of the worst in the league and you don't even throw 200 ypg? C'mon man.

    • Miles

      yea totally, yards thrown is clearly the stat that wins games… whats efficiency? LOLZ

      • 49ersfan

        So moving the ball downfield has nothing to do with scoring points or a QB doing his job? Tell me more Mr. Alex Smith would be Montana-esque with Bill Walsh. Montana put the ball all over the field, not just inside 8 yards like Alex.

        LOL BTW. So it's okay for you to bring up yards per catch but I can't bring up yards per game? A true Alex fan would do something like that.

  • john

    I disagree with this article, Kaep played a good game. Look at the horrible play calling and the dropped pass by Delaine Walker that would have close out the game. David Akers missed the field goal. If he would have made the field goal, you would not have wrote this article saying go back to A. Smith. If you look at what the defense was giving us, we should have been passing more and Play-action more. The Rams CBs were giving us a 10 yard Cushion, forcing us throw underneath and we only took advantage on third downs. Now that Hunter is out we need Lamichael James to play to be the change of pace back to keep the D guessing. G-Ro needs to understand we have QB who can make all the throws and spread the field. With us spreading the field and Kaep can run the ball thats forcing defenses to have a QB spy and leave somebody 1 on 1. Once we do that I guarantee we will be fine. G-RO needs to take the handcuffs off.

  • psilenttype

    Alex Smith is done! He stats are deceiving and he takes way too many sacks. Alex Smith doesn't make mistakes?! When we played the Giants he was the reason we lost 3 INTs. His stats this season were against bottom competition. His 3rd down efficiency is lack luster and he is one dimensional. How are all those factors going to pan out in January or are we going to ride the Defense all year? And going back to Alex Smith at this point is futile to the locker room. Kaepernick needs game experience to get better its only so much he is going to learn on sideline with a clipboard

    • Brian the 49er

      New fan, the Giants game was just a bad game for us, a game which we were of sink. Stats don't mean didly squat, you probably play fantasy footballwith the rest of your frat brothers, its irrelavent! Wahts relevant is W's, and that was just a bad game, some of the best teams have them the Texans, the Giants and the Packers, it happens,man, we only lost 2 games before Kaepernick and hada QB in Alex who rarely made mistakes who was bringing us to the #6, thats not good enough for you newbie. We need Alex back!!!

      • psilenttype

        Thanks for the admiration of my personal life! You take the time to ponder on my daily activities rather than just state your opinion on Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick… Grow up! I been a fan since I was born and watched pretty much every game. Your exactly right stats don't mean a thing its just about wins but Alex was just a cog in a system! guaranteed if he goes anywhere else and he will not win or not be your "mistake free king"! All three of those picks resulted in points for Giants and Alex will not help you when he is behind. No matter what game he has played in win or lose his 3rd down efficiency and red zone efficiency were unbearable hence why Akers had so many chances to kick FGs last year. If you want a team that depends on the kicker (Who might I add has been dreadful and needs to get cut) and offensive playmakers "making things happen" then so be it! I want my team to be led by somebody who can also contribute to the offense besides by not making a mistake. I would like to convert the 1st down… I would like to score the TD and not the FG. Kaepernick didn't play a great game against a good Rams defense ( Rams are 4-0-1 in NFC West by the way) but I didn't expect him to be perfect. He is the future of the franchise and Alex Smith isn't point blank and he needs real time exp to mature in the NFL… If Alex was then the 49ers would stop signing him to these 1 year contracts! If he was so great then teams would have pursued him in FAgency. None of these happen so look a the picture thats getting painted in your face!

  • Atown

    If anyone really knows football, you just have to look at the amount of times Alex missed wide open receivers, he would get happy feet and get sacked or throw the ball away, instead of stepping into the pocket and throwing the ball, I promise you Harbaugh knew the Niners would not beat the Seahawks again with Smith, Nice Guy, but not a game changing QB. The Niners need a guy who can stretch the field, throw the deep ball (and complete it) Smith is not the guy, he has a backup up QB mentality,remember Bill Wash saying about Steve Deberg, 'He does just enough to get you beat'.Well Alex does just enough….to get your hopes up…….

  • Dorothy Wolff

    Finally a comment that makes sense. I think harbaugh is trying to prove his decision to take Smiths job away was the best option. He needs to admIt kaep is still not ready. I see super bowl hopes benched alon with Alex

  • Forensics187

    St. Louis played a next to perfect game on defense, same way they played us at home.
    We know what we are getting with Smith, 5 yard check down passes because he doesn't take chances whatsoever. Sure, Smiths style can win games, but we get down by 10 points or so Smith isn't bringing us back. Third and long, forget it, a screen or a draw is sure to be the call. Is that just the coordinator or Smith's limits? I couldn't tell you. This is why Kap is starting.
    I don't question Harbaugh about anything, he is the man, however, if I did it would be about our rookies. Hunter and Williams are done, our first two picks coincidently play the same positions and appear to have similar styles. So where were they. on Sunday? What is Harbaugh waiting for? These two important parts of the offense are gone and its like Harbaugh didn't even replace them. He just ran the offense without them and replacements.

    • psilenttype

      Hopefully he realized that after the game. Brandon Jacobs is usless and having A.J. sit on the bench over Ginn well I just don't know why we drafted him in 1st Rd then!

  • Matchu Pichu

    I think it is better to remove one of the most efficient passers on a Super Bowl contender more than half-way through a season with an unproven QB. I would rather maybe win the Super Bowl 2-3 years from now, than win this year . Also, who knows what our defense will look like 2-3 years from now, so we better have a top tier QB that can lead the league in personal ratings, for example, Comp %, YPA, TD/INT ratio, and QB rating. It would also be nice if the 49ers had a proven winner for QB. These are all high orders, but I feel the 49ers are only a QB away from the Super Bowl, so hopefully Kaep will be that guy 2-3 years from now. Go 49ers!!!

    • 49ersfan

      Alex was an unproven QB coming into the playoffs last year and look how far they got. Maybe if Alex would've gotten the ball to Crabtree more than once instead of checking down all the time, we wouldn't be blaming Kyle Williams today huh?

      • Matchu Pichu

        I agree. Last years 49ers team was stacked at WR and Alex as usual failed to get the ball to our playmakers. It sucks that immediately after the season the 49ers brought in 2 free agent WRs and used the 1st pick on a WR. I consider those acquisitions a waste because the 49ers already had so much talent at WR.

        • Don Juan

          Your comment made no sense 2-3, you have must be a Bandwagon fan, when most of us real fans have suffered for the last 11 years. What an obsurd comment, the 49ers and its real fans want to win now,we already said what you said 3-7 years ago, and your saying just gamble away our championship team with Kap! Are you really a fan or just a person posing as a fan, LOL, ridiculous comments!! 49ers wont have a team in 2-3 years if we dont win this year will lose it all in free agency, but i'm sure your really a cowbillys fan wanted us to go withthe worst QB so we can sabotage our season. The 49ers need alex back and I'm hoping we lose this weekends game so we get alex back. I'm guessing you werent as anxious being a new fan, in beginning of 2011 and before you were probably a patriots # 1, you probably didnt think the 49ers were relevant 2 years ago, LOLsad!!

          • Matchu Pichu

            That hurts my feelings. I'm just as much of a 49ers fan as your are and I'll prove it! You said you want the 49ers to lose this week, well I'm okay with them losing this week and next week! Boom, I just proved I'm a bigger fan than your are! Go 49ers

    • Fern

      Why would you want to delay a SuperBowl victory this year for any reason…I dont think you comprehend the point of playing the game…Why eat today if you are going to eat tomorrow? QB ratings and stats do not win games, just look at Cam , RG, Rodgers, Someone needs to stop watching Sports Center and watch some actual football. The winnder is the one with more points, not more yards.
      Let me know when you get off the bus and become a real fan.

  • Santos

    LOL, so all you idiots want another Troy smith or Michael Vick, who’s got flash but no cosistancy and ultimately no championship play. Kap is nothing more than just a flashy by product of the pistol offense, he won’t consistently dominate down the stretch for the 49ers or any team, give over the idea he’s the second coming of Brady because he’s not!!!! Kap is a awesome backup, that’s it. If we were to keep him starting long term we’ll end up like the eagles with Vick and end up like when we had Troy smith, well get caught up in his flashy play, but ultimately it won’t amount to zip!!! No rings no #6 ring, just big plays every so often and big arm, no consistency no chanpionship! Just losses every 2-3 games and excuses!

    • Fern

      Completely agree, and I do not understand how people do not see this. Also Kaps statistics have progressivelt declined since his first start. That tells you that teams are getting used to the stretch run and dump.
      San Francisco has alwas been a classic QB West Coast offense,

      • guest

        not so sold on kaep yet either and agree kaep needing more time but not so sold on alex either i think kaep has potential and like earlier post i really don't see alex being able to come back from a deficits which we will run into against patriots seahawks maybe, plays safe, score luclikly, conversions not really not so much still has a hard time converting on third i was hoping after last year this would improve but didn't see the improvments id thought id see with our d a qb who can throw under pressure do the unexpected and plays out tha box may be just what we need im sticking wit kaep for now go niner new page longtime fan go niner

  • Hector

    Alex is the only solution at this point to win #6 bottom line, no flash, but safe consistent play.! Kap excellent back up that’s all! All you bandwagoners make me sick, and you know eho you are! Jumping aboard and acting like you know what’s best for our beloved team, acting like you know what’s best when a year ago most of you probably were patriots fans or Peyton manning.. Go jump on the Texans bandwagon, those guys are as tacky as you.

    • psilenttype

      I always hated Alex Smith… he is not a good QB! Are you blind? The only thing consistent with Alex is not throwing INTs, taking sacks, overthrowing/underthrowing targets, failing to convert 1st downs, failing to convert in RZ, & throwing a billion screen passes!

      • Hector

        Honestly, how long have you been a fan, be honest. Alex has done nothing to lose his job, nothing. I couldnt stand him for years, but last season he made me a believer. He's just not flashy enough for yoiu and other newbie fans I understand! But you must realize like many other fans who have suffered through the past 11 seasons we wontto win now!!!! not 2-3 from now, NOW, this year and we wont do it with Kap! I understand being a new bandwagon fan like yourself you just discovered gold with us and have time, but for the rest of us we wantto reach # 6 before the hated Cowpatty'S. I'm sorry you dont know much about that rivarly do ya being a new fan.,

        • Hector

          WE need towin # 6 yesterday!!! 2-3 years ago we were saying we'll wait 2-3 years and now here we are now,, times up, we need to win now #Championship!! Go root for Peyton manning or the Texans.

          • psilenttype

            LOLOLOL you say "WE" as if your the official spokesperson of the Faithful..

            News flash your not & your incorrect! Your opinion on who you want to start as QB is "yours" but DO NOT assume that every fan agrees with you! I've been a fan since 86' (26 seasons kid if you can't count) if you must know and I'm not a bandwagon and I want to win now but I surely believe in Colin way more then Alex… WAY MORE!

            And I'm convinced your obsessed with Peyton Manning & the Texans…

          • Hector

            Faithful Fans agree! You probably took a hiatis from 2002-last year, the only way is Alex Smith, lets see come January-February if your love fest for Kap is still there. Your holding unto a dream if you think Kap will lead us to a superbowl, I'm telling ya he's another Vick or T. smith, he'll win and lose and wont be consistant to brin us to a bowl.. Come January you'll change your tune, come on here then and speak about your break out star, you'll be back on the Alex bandwagon, just watch. Alex is the only way, kap is sufficient on a game to game basis, not the full season, he is a efficient backup as of this year, thats all.

          • psilenttype

            FIRST don't ever compare Troy Smith to Michael Vick! Troy Smith was awful, I would've rather had Shaun Hill as our backup again then Smith even as a player on the team. I actually was mad when Hill left. Vick is 10000x better then Smith.

            Secondly, Why is Kaepernick's accuracy better in 3 games then Alex's have been this whole season? How come his 3rd down efficiency is better than Alex? How come his sack total is less the Alex? Kaepernick has accounted for 7 TDs in 3.5 games, while Alex has only accounted for 13 in 8.5 (Red Zone efficiency…) ? Colin has lil less then half the total passing yards 888 to Smith's 1731 in 3.5 games. How come Kaepernick was the 2nd player in FBS history to throw for 20 touchdowns and run for 20 in the same season?

            All of this and the only thing you can conclude is that he is at best a back up in the NFL!

            I think you need to actually observe this sport league the NFL before you comment about it!

          • Robert D

            Can i have the stuff your smoking. Hector your high.

          • Hector

            Your hypnotized like many others by his powerful arm and ability to break our of the pocket and scramble, look at others like him in the past V. young, Vick and Tebow, Kqap is in that class, they show signs of greatness but can't get to the elite level. Alex is nearly there, he is just doees snot posses that big arm and excitment kap has, he's simple and basic but extremly efficient and consistant. You base your judgement upon flash and athletic anbility instead of dependability, consistancy wins, thats were its at, I woulkd trade an ferari for a clunker if I knew the clunker was safe and would not cost me in parts and labor later, I want something reliable that will get me were I want to go, thats Alex, he's not vry pretty but heck of relible to get you tro your destination. You just want to get down the street a milke in style then break down.

          • Hector

            I've been a fan since 75' BUD and a avid surf guru!!

  • Domingo Gonzalez

    You are exactly right Santos!!

  • Jake Raines

    If we stay with Kaepernick, your are correct, we will end up with a Michael Vick, Vince Young Tim Tebow kind of player, flashy but not consistant, a awesome running QB who throws with flashyness, but does not have who turns over the ball costing us, who wont be consistant, who wont bring us # 6! Bring back Alex # 1 49ers, the man only lost 2 games and was getting better and better, short safe throws which get results look at his rating, look at his wins, he gets the job done bandwagoners! Alex will lead us to# 6, Kap will tank in playoffs watch and see!!

  • Tracy

    We don't have 2-3 Years Bandwagon fans, Most of us faithfull fans have endured enough humilation over the past 10 years and we wont it now. Thois team wont be the same in 2-3 years dismantled by free agency, the only thing that will keep players here and us winning will to hoist a Lombardi trophy in february, a chmpionship this year is the only way to keep this team together somewhat, so its win it all or bust, we need to bring Alex back, he is the only way to # 6! After that try the Kap experiemement during beginning of next season, this is not thetime toi do this, it is effecting the chemistry of the team, we were on our way before Kap unkowledgeble bandwagoners!!

  • Franky

    Your right, KAp is no RG3, if we had RG3 then ya,good decision by starting him, but no we have Kap. Kap is like everyone said more like a Vick, tebow,vince young, but not the same as Smith or RG3. Smith is not elite, but he is good and a safe QB who will get the job done with short accurate passes. LIke dilfer in 2000, he will get us to a championship. I undeerstand alot of you guys are charmed by Kaps rifle arm and scramble ability, just realize thats just like a fantsy cover, he's good but theres no experience, he's raw and young, and not up to the level of Alex yet, he's just like a flashy fast car who doesnt perform aswell as the other yet. Alex is consistant and safe and will win it all but not in a dramatic fashion.

  • Franky

    We need him back in though, before the chemistry is thrown off more and before it disrupts the team taking sides. I understand alot of Newbie young fans like flashyness like Vick, but that wont get us anywhere, just highlights on TV. Kap is not RG3 or Rodgers, and Alex is not Eli or Montana,Alex is just a simple QB who gets the job done without being fancy. He wasnt that way in years past but Harbough has brought out the best in him. It's a shame to waste that! We need Alex back ASAP if we wont # 6!!!

    • psilenttype

      So if Harbaugh did that with Alex Smith why can't Harbaugh do that with his hand picked QB Kaepernick? So every QB who can run the ball is a carbon copy of Vick (Who was a solid QB up untill lately), Tebow, and Vince Young but not a RG3, Rodgers, Newton, Staubach, Brunell, Culpepper, Stewart, McNabb, Elway, McNair, Tarkenton, Young, or Cunningham? Do you people even watch football or just agree with what you hear?

  • Hector

    Your hypnotized on Kap like many others by his powerful arm and ability to break our of the pocket and scramble, look at others like him in the past V. young, Vick and Tebow, Kap is in that class, they show signs of greatness but can't get to the elite level. Alex is nearly there, he is just does not posses that big arm and excitment kap has, he's simple and basic but extremly efficient and consistant. You base your judgement upon flash and athletic ability instead of dependability, consistancy wins, thats were its at! I would trade a ferrari for a clunker if I knew the clunker was safe and would not cost me in parts and labor later. I want something reliable that will get me were I want to go. Thats Alex, he's not very pretty but heck of relible to get you to your destination. Most of you just want to get down the street a mile in style then break down.

    • psilenttype

      Hector, stop killing us with your bad car analogies and actually give us facts to back up your statements! Who even brought up the idea that the reason people would rather go with Kaepernick was because he is flashy…. You are the only one that's been saying that!

      • Hector

        Well, the facts are those QB's I mention have not been to any superbowls, they tease us with there huge athletic ability but can't go the distance. My point is they have flash but no consistancy. Alex has constancy and no flash. There is no reason to lose his job, its either because there trying to trim the salarys or because Harbough wanting his guy, but they will learn Kap is all flash and he wont get us to a title. Lets see your excitment come february when its somebody else in the bowland were sitting on the couch wishing our team was there. Another sad day as a 49er fan, another Bowless year. :(

      • Hector

        The facts are those players I mentioned are much like Kap, they are flashy athletic but show now consistacy and winning down season, they havent won a superbowl. Yes neither has Alex but he's winning consistantly only 2 lossses this season awesome and he brought us within two muff fumbles to a superbowl. ther proof is in the pudding. Kap is unporoven, unexperience and this is not time for an experiment, it aint broke dont fix it!!!! Its only been 3 games and Kap lost one against a mediocre team completly unecceptable, this is championship 49er football not Rams football.

        • psilenttype

          If the Rams are mediocre why are they 4-0-1 in the NFC West? Divisional opponents are different then any other opponent you'll face… Hell even the Superbowl Giants lost both games to the Redskins last year that was led by REX GROSSMAN by the way!!

          You again are just throwing notions that Kaepernick is not proven! I just gave you a million FACTS why he is and all you can do is utter the same nonsense you been spewing for the last 3 hours!! You have no proof…

          Your a dead horse and I'm tired of beating on you… Watch the game and analyze it first b4 you speak!

          • Hector

            Silent Type, thank you, I am not trying to be disrespectful, we just have a difference of opinion. You have alot of valid points, I am just upset he already has lost one game out of 3, thats scares me and against the Rams. Your right the Rams (Divisional Games mainly) are tougher at times, but I still feel like we should of had that victory easily, and given if we had Alex in there I presume @we would win by at least a touchdown. He has his off games which were only 2, ONLY 2!! They hit the Viks when they on a upswing and also the Giants who are proven. Brother I'm not arguing with you, just believe Alex is better at this point. I had told myself on sunday knowing that Rams gsame would be tough, if Kap wants towin the faithful over he will win by at least a touchdown or more, it wasnt like we were playing the Patriots. I would of been sold if he won that game,but he failed the test and thats a game he should of won!!!

  • Hector

    Another Bowless Year if we go with Hot hand KAP

  • Forensics187

    Wow, can't believe what I'm reading. Alex had 6 years of at best mediocre play. No Harbaugh, no Alex as the Niner's QB. Harbaugh makes QB's and we need more for a championship. Believe it or not, the D isn't what it was last year. With that being said, we need way better QB PLAY! One reception by a receiver in the championship game last year are you kidding me!
    None of those Qb's anyone mentioned are close to what Kap is. Yes, he's young and is going to make mistakes. Keep in mind he threw for 10, 000 yards while running for another 4000 yards in school, none of those other formentioned Qb's did anything close to that. None of them had Harbaugh to mold them either.
    If Harbaugh could make Alex look this decent in one year with 7 years of experience just wait and see what Kap does in under two!
    I also hear La Michael James could be making his debut this weekend.Anyone see the Skins game? Imagine our option game.

    • Hector

      Dude, with all respect Kap is not as good as RG3, I agree with romero about him just being an excellent backup at best, that's also what I said. I do think he has starter potential but in 2 years or more and not with the 49ers because Kap wants tobe a starter and If I were him I'd be a career backup, theres and importance for that in the NFL. This experiment is too early in the game, and will divide this team. You can tell by the manorizms of our players they are frustrated and are not happy,look at theinterviews on the site, they act like they are not very happy, it is because they all know there only hope is Alex, there probably thinking we had a champioship team and its now being handed over to a backup, wow!!

    • Fern

      Dont get carried away he played for Nevada. i watched him in Fresno , that should tell you about his statistic reality.
      Gullivers Travels would be a good book for you. Its all about dream worlds as well.

  • romerora

    kap is three years younger than alex.. he isnt that young bud… Alex Smith went through 6 years with 6 different OCs and just about 3 coaches… i know alex smith is not an elite qb, but to take away his accomplishments with this team is pathetic. I for one back alex smith.. not just because he is very consistent, but because he is smart, and an all around team player.. no 1st round draft pick EVER takes two paycuts to stay with a team… Alex Smith could have Jamarcus Russel'd our ass but did not.. What i find unfair is you all defining alex's season this year and last year to poor play to the giants, but no one scrutinizes kap for his inconsistent, shitty play both times against the rams! Kap got something not many rookie QBs do these days, the chance to sit on the bench for 1-2 years and learn from the SAME OC… development is key to the QB and Alex is Finally getting that chance, and all you guys wanna do is shit on his chest and kick him to the curb.. I've been a niner fan ever since i've watch Football, and for once i want to see a team come together and back their "guy." I actually get frustrated now when our coach claims alex is our guy.. truthfully fuck him… we can sit here and talk stats and compare this and that, but the fact remains alex was very productive this year minus two games. Kap has played 3.5 games and has only been amazing in one… the saints our defense won that game… NOW Hector, i disagree. Kap is not in that category as he does possess the knowledge to use better judgement… Kap i dont ever see being more than an amazing back up.. Once teams figure out how to contain kap, game, set, match.

    • psilenttype

      So everybody answer to why Kaepernick will fail is that once defenses figure out how to contain him then thats it? If defenses simply only need to contain a QB why haven't the rest of the league's 31 QBs been shut down? The more dimensions your QB have (Accuracy, Scrambling, Awareness, Arm Strength, etc.) The harder it is to contain him.

      Add your stout OL, your stud RBs (Frank Gore had no change of pace in Hunter with Brandon Jacobs, that's why LaMichael James would've been better suited to been active) , and your fast WRs… How are 11 men supposed to account for the QB also… It's impossible! Thats why it's only so much you can do to stop a dual threat QB.

      Alex on the other hand doesn't posses all these qualities just look what the Rams defense did to him the first half of the 1st meeting between the two!

      The real loser in this game was Harbaugh and Greg Roman. The game plan was mismanaged! Bad play calling and the use of the wrong personnel packages. Also bad protection and holding penalties that negated positive plays didn't help either!

      Anyone stating that the best Kaepernick can be is at most a backup is just stupidity!

      This is what Colin has done compared to Alex so far this year:
      -Kaepernick's accuracy is better in 3 games then Alex's have been this whole season
      -His 3rd down efficiency is better than Alex
      -His sack total is less the Alex
      -He has accounted for 7 TDs in 3.5 games, while Alex has only accounted for 13 in 8.5 (Red Zone efficiency…)
      -He has little less then half the total passing yards 888 to Smith's 1731 in 3.5 games
      -49ers have averaged 31.5 pts and 14.2 yds per completion with Kaepernick starting, compared to 23.7 and 11.4 under Smith

      And thats is quote "inconsistent, shitty play"…. Oh ok, carry on!

      • Hector

        Kap is only an Excellentbackup, I completky agree with Romero.

        • Forensics187

          At the end of the day Kap is starting. After we beat down Miami and Kap once again looks the part, I’m willing to bet our conversation on here looks completely different next week. Happy holidays 49er fam!

  • Hector

    I completly agree my friend, but I do think he can be a starter but absolutly not now, its insane!!!! We had a QB in Alex who only lost 2 games had an above avergae QB rating low interceptions and we trade it all in for a unproven backup who has proven nothing no experience at all, Wow wow wow wow!!!!! Kap is only a good backup he showed us that the game against the Rams he was sloppy, he showed inexperience with bad play impatience, nerves, he just looked all around terrible. I just remember thinking during that Rams game, if Alex was in the game we'd be up by 14-0 or more in first half and Kap was struggling to get any yardage or getting passes to any receivers. The whole time it reminded me of Troy smith, romero remeber troy in 2010, he was a promising backup and he did good for 2 3 games then he tanked and the promise went out the window, case in point KAepernick. We need Alex back, agreed!!!

  • Hector

    Remember Troy Smith Newbie Bandwagon fans, oh sorry you don't remember because you guys had a love fest for the New England Patriots or some other hot team back then. Troy was handed the start in 2010, came in as a once awesome college QB with good numbers in college and freakish ability and stats. He had awesome character, awesome guy, took over and won 2-3 games if I remember one in London at Wembly. Played like our next elite QB, like we had the QB of the future. Then, and I say Then, he started to dip and the dip became a landslide and he went from good to alll around bad, because the experience wasnt there. He had potential to some point, just saying things can be deceiving, this is identical to that situation.

  • Hector

    So newbie bandwagons fans who have all the time in the world for us to win a superbowl and dont realize we already been through the rebuilding process, understand the time is now! For us faithful fans the wait has been long too long, and our only chance is with Alex, the poof is in the pudding, He's proven all he can, and thischange to the real Faithful fans like myself who were there when we draftdd Alex when we were 2-14, we won't it now, and Alex is the only way, us real fans know this!!!

  • Michelle

    Excellent point Hector and Santos. I agree 100%

  • Hector

    My Prediction my friends for this weekend game is 49ers 24-17 miami. But I am hoping the deficit is 24-17 miami and we recieve a loss, I want Alex back in there, do you guys think Alex will be back if there is a loss this weekend.

  • Domingo

    Can anyone say Troy Smith, big powerful arm, huge stats in college ohio state, mobile and set records, won Heisman, and how did he play with 49ers. Won 2-3 games if I remember was claimed as our next big QAB of future , the hype was on!! Then he started to collapse on the road, started to show his inexperience was just too inexperience in the league at that time to get to next level, when he should of been patient stayed on bench and groom for future. But the mistake is same thing were doiong with Colin is we started him, then after that he wanted to be starter and nothing else. You saw what happen to T smith play, thats the same scenerio look at his stats as all you say in college the heisman everything, doesnt mean it will convert to thje NFl with sucess. Give him 2-3 years on bench then start him. If he continues no Bowl for a long time and the team will be brokjen up by free agency, just watch.

  • Hector

    Alex smith is the only way to our 6th superbowl,no alex no bowl!!! Troy Smith was highly towted just like Kap. Before Kap broke out this season most of you Bandwagoners didnt know who the guy was, I watched him, he was powerful in college just like Troy smith was put up all the stats and aculades, started good with us, but the magic train didnt last long, he started to show inexperience and we started losing Sing was wrong and so is Harbough, this move to Kap will cost a superbowl when we had it in the palm of our hand. Very sad for the true 49er fanbase like myself. ;( Lets all hope they lose this weekend, I never though I say that, butI want my team to lose so we can get back Alex!

  • Jon

    I agree with the article. Wrong time. Stop talking about how bad Alex was and look at the record. Yes, taking sacks is a part of his game. We don't know yet what Kap's habits are, but we have seen some inexperience. I get Kap for the future. I don't like Harbaugh speak and I don't like dishonor. This move was a move of selfish anxiety from Harbaugh. If it doesn't work for a variety of reasons, the damage is done. Alex will move on after this season and so will the Niners progress.

  • psilenttype

    All I'm going to say is Alex started the year with 8 TDs and 1 INT (Packers, Lions, Bills, Viks, & Jets: Pretty sure nobody is starting these defenses in fantasy!) then went on to have 5 TDs and 4 INTs (Giants, Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams) before getting benched for his concussion…

    The whole notion of Alex Smith leading us to the NFC championship game last year is false. We got there mainly because of the Defense and Special Teams! Obviously the defense is not playing up to last year's levels or Akers for that matter… which could be expected. You just can't pick up where you left off last season and expect every team will let you just get back there. Teams change constantly and the NFL is a team game.

    Do not assume we would've went undefeated with Alex as QB!

    The QB wasn't the sole reason we got there and if Keapernick performs as well or better then Alex no matter the outcome this season you can not say Kap was the reason we didn't meet expectations. Harbaugh believes Kap brings more to the table then Alex at this moment in the season and he is trying to give the team the best chances possible.

    I'm pretty sure he wants to win just as much as the fans do! I mean look at Harbaugh's resume, Everywhere he has been all he does is win!!!

    • Hector

      Hector, I agree with you and I don't. First, I feel Alex and the Defense were both responsible for last years success,one couldnt of lived without the other. The D was the main reason, but they both reacted to each other, they needed each other, our D feeds of our offense doing good, I see that, they get motivated and hyped when we get TD's and against the Rams last week the D started off good and then deflated as thew game went on seeing Kap was going nowhere. I'm with you on take on Harbough seeing something we maynot see, Kaps a risk, but Harbough having the sucees he's had, I am confident in his decision making. If our coach was rex ryan, I'd be nervous. I believe Harbough see's down the road, he see's something in practice we don't, its just that Rams game brought me back to Troy smith, who started out much like Kap being on a roll, then came back to reality and ended up unexperienced and bad, what do ya think on that hypothesis, the Troy Smith theory, looks vaguely familiar.

  • Hector

    I addressing you silent type what do you think about my last comment, Gracias.

    • psilenttype

      Troy Smith came from Ohio State I don't even remember the last time they had an successful QB in the NFL, that right there made me not believe in him at all! I only wanted Troy Smith to motivate Alex to do better and understand that his time in SF was very thin if he didn't get his act together, nevermind the OC's and Coaches, he was the #1 pick! Live up to it!

      But as far a Kap and Troy, I don't see it they are similar. Smith was short (barely 6 Ft) While Colin is 6'5"! We all know there are only 2 short QBs starting in NFL and fewer even get shots in the NFL. I think Colin physical attributes exceeds Troy's which gives him a greater advantage. Troy had a great college career but Kaepernick's was even better. Also the situation Kap has gaining tutelage under Harbaugh and a humble & wise Alex Smith coming off NFC championship lost where as Troy sat behind Kyle Boller under Brian Billick's last year of coaching on a 4-12 Ravens squad before being demoted after new coach John Harbaugh drafted rookie Joe Flacco who eventually took over. Then got released after 3rd year and picked up by a struggling Niners team

  • Hector

    Silent, Don't say but Troy Sucked no comparrison. Troy, was out of college started off with Ravens to us, didnt have many games with rams, was never really seen his potential with them just glimpses, then we got himfrom over there, I believe into his second year if I'm correct. It was much like Kap into his second year, he had a hot hand, was a highly touted college prospect with big numbers, awesome stats in college, was the next big QB, his size was question but the game came into NFL looking like a winner, he could scramble, he had awersome character a leader much like Kap and could throw and run much like Kap. He looked on papaer like Kap that he would be a star in league. He played in those games and won I think 2 won in wembley London that year, looked just like Kap on a roll, then he started to fall short much like Kap, look so similar, good player just needed more experience unbder center, that takes some time.

  • Hector

    Kap, he's going in that direction, big numbers big arm like Troy, just no experience no consistancy which was shown in Rams game, potential to be awesome starter in future for 49ers, but now not time, his inconstant no experience play will cost us games and a Bowl appearance, nows not the time maybe next season! Don't bring out stats again, Alex won more games and lost less in as many games, just not FLASHY and ndoesnt have newness factor, but he wins, not pretty wins but wins. Just too much of a risk, dont you think, do youhave 2-3 year being the real fan you say you are to wait. Me and the non-bandwagoners have waited since the rebuilding process really began when we got Nolan and Alex,. New Bandwagon fans just started to be fans, they have all the timein the world, they havent been tjhrough hard times withme and others,time to show football nation we are the championship 49ers again and wake up this new generation into bring our history back to the fold, soemhing that has been forgotten by the bandwagonees and newbie fans, we need a 6th superbowl this year, in 2-3 we will lose all our star players in free agency, it doesnt get better than now, this is the best we've had since 98'.

    • psilenttype

      His play wasn't inconsistent he just made a few mistakes i.e. the safety! He wasn't great or bad in rams game… The defense kept all the WRs in zone coverage and left only short yardage plays open. The offense committed many penalties which also negated drives and stop momentum. Harbaugh's & Roman's game plan went with Gore and Jacobs with Hunter being injured and took away the option game. Should have activated LaMichael! Jacobs was ineffective with changing paces. The Rams turnover-TD was a play called with no audible which had a WR in the backfield lined up behind Gore. You didn't have to be a genius to see that what was to ensue would be a trick play. Although the play call was horrible the play also wasn't executed well. The Rams CB Givens I believe read the play either way if Ginn had caught the ball or not he would've been tackled for about a 5-10 yard lost in Rams territory I might add!

      Bottom line the whole offense failed as a unit and Harbaugh and Roman were outcoached! Lost cannot be blame on Kap especially after he put the team into 2 winning situations after the Rams tied the game up… Delanie Walker dropped TD pass that hit his hands and Akers miss 50 yard kick in OT! I think Kap did the best he could given what he had besides the safety and botched toss sweep to Ginn

    • psilenttype

      We also will not lose our team in 2-3 years! Baalke has done a good job with locking up players! The linebackers will be in tact till about 2018! Vernon Davis till 2015, Carlos Rodgers till 2016, Aldon Smith till 2015, Kaepernick till 2015, Crabtree till 2015, Gore till 2014, Antony Davis & Mike Iuapti till 2015, Joe Staley till 2017, Justin Smith till 2014….etc. etc.

      Some will go but trust the draft and Free agency will fill in the void for those who we have lost clearly has been working and will continue to work as long a Baalke is GM and Harbaugh is coach

      The team is locked up don't worry about that!!!

      • Hector

        Silent, Do you think we will resign Dashon, We really need him, he is the one of the MVP's of the D besides aldon justin and patrick. We need to lock him up, thats why I think they may be not wanting to resign alex to free some moenys to resign Dashon, signing him is a priority, hes having 2 solid years and I think he;s the best in the leaguenow at his position, I've always been his biggest fan even when his production was lowerin years past, I'd knew he improve!! If we don't resign him we'll regret it, he sets up plays, listen to withner and others comment on his play, he sets up alot of the play and makes some himeslef ofcouyrse, he's certainly the Hawk!! Supremo!!!

  • Hector

    We won't have a chance to win a superbowl this year without Alex next year or any other year after. Next year will most likely lose Dashon which I have no idea why they havent resigned him, he's the spark of the DB's he's one of the MVP's of the defense, I think the best in the league at his position highly underated in the league, the only good out of letting go of Alex which I dont like would be able to free money's to resign Goldson, I would be sad if they let go of both deshon and him next season, loss deshon would be heartbreaking atleast keeep him. Silent answer my paragraph above about my take on troy and Kap, dont say troy sucked after the fact, look at the scenerio at that time both Qb's looked very similar on papaer big out of college same athletisicm, and both won and lose ther same started out awesome then declined. Kaps got this game this weekend but after that in new england and seattle losses if he stays in there cant handlethe pressure and away games, just started off hot from the momentum we had and his excitement to start.

  • Hector

    Just watch Kap will tank in playoffs early on and no explanations just him at the press conference after upset quiet explaining with heartbreak. We will say what if agai, training camp will ressume next season, no Moss no Alex, team will break up in free agency, rebuliding process will begin again, we'll move forward with Kap, maybe go after proven QB wh will be mediocre get us nowhere, he'll be ok but no over the top qb, and we'll be a 500 team for years to come, just average or have some good seasons, bandwagon fans will be ok then be imapatient. Harbough we'll eventually got to another better team, We'll all say what if we kept alex and Cowpattys well reach # 6 before us, do we all want this?? We need to keep Alex at least for this year, its our only hope to a superbowl if we havent ruined his rythum and rattled his condence it could be too late. Kap will lose in playoffs, just watch, he's good but this is not his year, your willing to lose this year for years fdown road sucess wont happen it will just hurt our chemistry. Kap does not have experience and poise its not there yet, just big arm and what silent likes me saying FLASH like a ferrari fast engine!!

  • Hector

    Its just a huge Gamble on an unproven, when we had no reason to change in first place, Alex put up alot of points when he had good games when was often, he only lost 2 remember!! He put up alot of points against teams the Texans played and they barely escaped, Thats anothr discussion, IK thought we were much better than the Texans witjh Alex the Texans schedulle was very favorale to them very easy teams alot of home games, they broke againstreal opposition the packers who we beat big at Lambeau. Anyho back on discussion, its a huge gamble Silent, our D was the contributing factor to all Alex win and Kaps, that New orleans game was mainly because of D not Kap, and Alex put up alotof points, Kap might this weekend at home, but wont put up alot away like alex does. He barely has escaped away games kap, he just gets by, the NO game was because of our D!

  • Dillon

    This move to Kap will go down as one of the Dumbest-worst changes in sports history. Alex will be gone , possibly to our division rival Cardinals and make them an instant superbowl contender, that is all there lacking over there and its on. Kap will prove he's backup worthy only, and we will be mediocre for many years to come winning some games here and there and losing some.. We will end up like the current Rams, Jet, and cardinals, just getting by and barely making playoffs if not at all! As an owner I would put my foot down on this issue, but I understand Jed does not want to intervene on this issue to cause tension betweeen him and harbough. This decision will haunt our orginization, it is one of the worst moves in sports history replacing a proven winning QB in Alex Smith. Regardless if you like him or not,m he won games and won in the playoffs, that was not a one hit wonder, he proved that this season. I am sure the fan base is divided on this issue, regardless it will take awzay oursuperbowl this year and change our franchsie for years to come. Kap will be another Vick, teasing us with big plays and wins, but no superbowls!! just watch ands see!!

  • Neil taylor

    It is a shame the long time brian jennings will not wina superbowl this year. I feel sad for the entire team and the veterans that they will not reach there 6th superbowl. We had alot of promise this year and it is unfortunate to waste away so mcuh talent. I am hoping next year we will get a vetetran QB through free agency. I am so sorry we will have lost this season, it was a good one for a while and we had so much promise. Well, lets focus on next season now, now that the season is over.


    I am really hoping we lose this game, and lose by a large point spread, so Alex will get his chance backl at starter!!! My hoping,49ers lose 40-0, ok realistic point spread- 21-17. I want Alex back pronto!!!! :) I wll be a the Doplhin # 1 fan on sunday, plan on wearing my green and orange and swimming in my pool!! Let's go Dolphins, Lets go Dolphins!!! RETURN OF THE ALEX!!!!

  • haha

    im surprised by the comments on this site….looks like 1 person posing as 3 or 4 different people. lol.

  • PRNiner

    Man I am sooooo tired of hearing about Alex Smith's completion percentage! That is such an over inflated stat it's almost comical!

    Seriously, is Smith paying you guys to beat that stat to death or what?

    Joe Montana, arguably one of the greatest QB's to ever touch a football never even saw a comp rating of 70% until 1989 which is by the way the year of his 4TH SUPER BOWL. So don't try and tell us that a "great qb" is all about comp %'s.

    Heck, for that matter Tom Brady, by that stat, has a horrible % compared to Alex's "amazing" 70%. You don't hear anyone complaining about his piddly little 64% comp rating do ya? No you don't. Ya know why? Cuz the fool as thrown 39 TD's this year alone!

    Being a good QB is NOT, I REPEAT, NOT about a comp rating. Go ask that Hall of Fame QB Joe Montana or even Steve Young. They'll both laugh in your face.

    So please…Get off Alex's jock about his perceived greatness because of one little "safe thrower" rating. I don't dislike they guy but there's more here than meets the eye and it has nothing to do with a comp rating…

  • guest

    I guess well see sunday i prefer kaep but if we get stomped with kaep then i'd reconsider the rookie may not be ready I still think kaep brings something to the game we were missing which is scores under pressure and 3rd conversion If alex had came out this year and showed improvment in the one area 3rd conversions then fine but i didn't see that not consistently which we have to have if we expect championship just my thoughts new to page go niners!!!

  • Ron

    Kap played heck of a game!