Game Ticket Preview: 49ers vs Seahawks

The last time the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks met, it was an ugly defensive battle that the 49ers narrowly took away as a win, 13-6. This time around, the 49ers (as seen last week versus the Patriots) will bring a much more dynamic offense to the table with second-year quarterback Colin Kaepernick, while equally impressive rookie quarterback Russell Wilson will try to improve on his first meeting with San Francisco’s elite defense.

It’s a heated division battle that could pull the Seahawks one step closer to a shot at the division, while a win could also help secure them a playoff spot. It’s equally important for the 49ers to win, however, if not more so, as a win gives them the NFC West, and would guarantee them a spot in the playoffs. Needless to say, there will be plenty of hype around this intense divisional contest, and it’s no shock that 49ers vs Seahawks tickets will be selling for an incredible $485 on average, with the low still being a whopping $197. At $485/seat, prices are 87% above the average price for 49ers tickets on the road this season. This game has picked up in hype and intensity over the past couple of years, and is now up 169% more than last year’s battle in Seattle, up another 269% from a 2010 meeting, and up 299% from their previous meeting this season. Our partner TiqIQ has teamed up with SeatCrunch to bring you great deals on 49ers Tickets. Use this code ‘SAVE’ for free FedEX shipping (or equal $14 value). Check out the deals here, at SeatCrunch

Two dynamic quarterbacks make the offensives worth watching in a battle of two nasty defenses, easily making this game a toss-up in terms of what kind of strategy will be in place. Seattle could also be without their top two cornerbacks due to looming suspensions, which could help this game break wide open from an offensive stand-point. Either way it shakes out, this game is sure to go down to the wire and live up to the price tag come Sunday.

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    I just need to Vent. Why is it everytime I turn on networks they pick against the 49ers and have a love affair for the Texans. The Texas got stomped in the same conditions the week before, and we beat the same team and we beat them badly, the Texans are good but not same class as 49ers, they Had the most favorabke schedule playing mostly easy teams mainly at home. This ugly guy wats is chasing the record with the condor, but wouldnt be close if they had our schedule, Aldon much better and faced harder opposition, he deserves to win ths sack Record. The 49ers never get respect, it seems like we have to be 16-0 to win these sports guys over, they always vote against us, if the Texans woukd of beat the patriots the way we did, there would be segments going on and on saying they are the best team in decades, we beat the best time and tims again and we get nothing from the networks. there’s a love affaiir with Texas teams, the cowboys are out of it so they love the Texans now. We dominate the patriots in there house and shut them out in the beginning, I’m tired of not getting respect, does anyone else feel me, please reply!

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    Nobody thinks were gonna win this Seahawks game, I hope we dominate, it’s gonna be hard because its a hard hitting division game, but we need to make another statement, these networks keep picking us to lose, if I were the 49ers this lack of respect would fuel us to win it all!! I heard one of the played mentioning something about not getting respect. They respect us some, just don’t think we’re going all the way to the bowl, the 49ers need to show em and win it all this year once and for all!!!! Come on 49ers win # 6, show theTexan lovin media.