Colin Kaepernick named NFC Offensive Player of the Week

Colin Kaepernick has been named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Patriots. Kap’s 4 TD’s in New England in December where the Patriots were 22-1 was the factor in winning. The only other QBs to throw for 4 TD’s at Gillette Stadium have been Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

With Kap winning the award the 49ers have had two QB’s named Offensive Player this year.


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  • Alex Salazar

    #7 is a superstar he deserves it

  • Domingo Hernandez

    KAEP, así que mi amigo supremo. Excelente! usted es muy buen atleta, atleta de fútbol muy impresionante, muy! Ahora, vamos a ganar # 6! Gracias, estoy muy impresionado por la fuerza de su brazo KAEP señor! Excelente! similar a Shaquille O'Neal, muy bueno, gran jugador de fútbol, el brazo de fútbol es muy impresionante!