Brandon Jacobs Hates Playing for the 49ers

If you haven’t followed or seen this story on Twitter or Instagram, we’ll do you a favor and post some screenshots of the love that Brandon Jacobs does not have for the 49ers. Screenshots via Faux John Madden In screenshots below Brandon Jacobs is Speed2727 & Speed4527 (He was Speed4527 on instagram, than changed his handle to Speed2727) These screenshots are from Instagram. So not to confuse with his twitter handle @gatorboy45

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  • Herald Smith

    Trade him ASAP, doesn’t deserve to be a 49er, he disgraces our team, insulting!!!! This is one of the most stories franchises in league, how dare him!!

  • Basharr

    What a POS, send this tramp packing, nobody needs him here if he don't want to play for the best. It is not like he has done anything here to prove he is worth anything and the G-men did not try to keep him around so you already know there was no love loss. Lamichael James showed yesterday he has skills and the will to play in the big league. 49ers don't need this guy whining like a little girl. This dope and his crap disgusts me, grow a set and act like a man or pack your friggin bags. Thats what I say, screw this slug.

  • I knew this guy would be trouble along the lines like terrell Owens a cancer to a team, not a team player.wash your hands clean with him. Let somebody else deal with his crap.Niners don’t need him James and Dixon are far more productive and faster. Jacobs is a step slower and a bit dumber. Gooooo Niners.

  • Juan

    niners wasted their money from day one signing him. He wasn't that good in NY. That's why they released him. Not a productive back.