49ers win the West and get No.2 seed

First off thank you Minnesota Vikings. They got the 49ers the No.2 seed and a playoff bye. The Vikings needed to win to make playoffs but more importantly that win gave the 49ers a much needed bye.

Now onto the 49ers game. The 49ers needed the win over the Cardinals to win the West and it started off slow, but they got clicking on all sides of the ball and beat the Cardinals 27-13.

Michael Crabtree finished the day with 8 receptions for 172 yards and 2 touchdowns.
Michael Crabtree passed the 1000 yard receiving mark, the first since Terrell Owens.
Michael Crabtree going 150+ and 2 touchdowns was the most since Terrell Owens did it back in 2002.
Alex Smith finished out the game and was 1 for 1 on the day and with that we may have seen our last play from Alex in 49ers colors.
Aldon Smith did not get a sack, he finished the season with 19.5. One shy of the league leading total by JJ Watt (20.5) and 3.5 shy of Strahan’s record.
Frank Gore has a rushing touchdown which gave him 51 on his career, which is a new 49ers rushing record.

Did I mention how much I love the Minnesota Vikings. That bye will be good to get people healthy, but more importantly getting Justin Smith back on the field.

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  • Prospecting

    This bye will be good to get our players healed up and rested up, they needed that with all the injuries. Didn’t see the game 9erpundit, did Alex play in those 5 minute like we made the best choice with Kap, looks like it, or maybe he was not caring much for playing for us the way we handled things. This is becoming an excellent Sunday so far, making my new year, the 49ers won, packers lost, Texans lost and we need a Cowbillys lost tonight to make it complete!! Man I loved the Texans lost, those guys were hugely cocky and needed a reality check, they played weak teams and there record was very favorable. Texans very overated!!! Had the 49ers schedule they’d be 8-8 LOL.

  • bryan clark

    Ok coach AJ Jenkins what is going on can this kid play is he a bust supposed to be the best reciever outta college last year

    • Prospecting

      I am not a fan of AJ Jenkins and this 2012 draft class we have this year, I feel like this is the weekest draft we've had in a while, and hopefully 2013 draft will make up for it! I think these rookies have no sense who there playing for, they are playing for a storied franchise, and I watched alot of there interviews, and there was no mention of the legacy and tradition we have here what it is being a 49er during camp, just mention of them saying they are happy to be in the NFL and wanting to be a long term NFL player, LOL, but not hoping to be a long term 49er, these guys are cocky. AJ never to my knowledge ran with Rice when he offered Aj an invite to run the hill.

  • Prospecting

    Can you imagine that, being offered to train with the MJ of football, one of the greates athletes of all time and you give him a rain-check, WOOOOOW!!! That just pure arogance and cockiness. Only player out of that class I sorta like is James, he was litle sure of himself starting off, but now he's actually humbling himself being a 49ER and knowing the tradition here. Previous draft classes were so classy, humble and very nice, but not the 2012 draft class. I do think Aj is a bust, he's too small and doesnt have the work ethic. I would be all over running that hill with Rice, If I was a player I'd be wanting to be the best and trained by the best, and the rice invite was a Gift to AJ. In 2013, I'm sure a receiver we'll draft will Run the Hill with Rice and embrace our franchise and be a succesful 49er for years to come next to Crab and go down as the best receivers, Aj will be in the CFL.