49ers suspend Brandon Jacobs for remainder of the season

The 49ers have suspended Brandon Jacobs for the remainder of the season. Jacobs will no longer be active for the 49ers. He will no longer receive a paycheck for the time he is suspended. Matt Maiocco reports that they have suspended Jacobs rather than release him, so he does not have the opportunity to play for another team this season.

Jacobs will most likely appeal the decision on him not receiving a paycheck, but at this time he is suspended and his suspension opens up a roster spot for someone either outside the organization to sign or a member of the practice squad.

Enjoy your suspension Gatorboy…

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  • bryan clark

    Ok Jimmy H coach your head is in the clouds you cant do any wrong well get this every single time you see Payton Manning on the bench what is he doing jerking off talking to other players NOT he spends every second on the sidelines looking at photos of formations figuring out how to attack i see colin not his fault just hanging chilling between with his bros bsing between poessions every single second he aint in drill him have pics coaches full time up grading and enough of the wide arm waving for audibles and what the f veron davis colin cant throw to him? Something way wrong there after new england b slapped houston what chance do we have of beating them none if ya keep this dismal play calling and the insane time control lets c no timeouts after the third quarter? Great time management hey sophmore slump bradda wake up

    go niners

    • 49ersNews

      Currently 9-3-1 and you call that a sophmore slump. 49ers will finish no worse than 10-4-1. I wouldnt call that a slump.

    • jdub

      two thumbs up on the play calln bro wtf 2-16 draw play shut the f up when r we gonna learn wtf to do?

  • Chickendancetime

    49ers Pundit, is it me or do the Texans seem very overated. I knew they would last nights game to the Patriots. They have had the one of the most favorable schedules, they faced losing teams early this season, most of there challenging games at home, the teams the 49ers faced and beat badly, they barely escaped with a W. I have been saying all season long they are vastly overated, and the people in houston have gone on with there delusional mindset that they hav a powerhouse. They are good but not elite. I feel like the 49ers have took themselves a notch down with the addition of Kap, from elite with Alex down to good with the Texans, they are at there level now unfortunatly, but still better D and a bit better offense minus Kap, I still think he needs more game experience, but now's not the time!

  • Chicken Dance Time

    Do you think theres any chance Alex will come back if Kaep loses either of the next 2 games or both for that matter, will Alex get his start back. Only way I'm convinced Kaep is the starter is if he goes into Foxboro and defeats the pats easily by a touchdown or 2, if we lose that one, I will not be convinced he is playoff ready tolead us to a superbowl. Do you agree with that assesment? I think these next 2 games (which are very important and should not be a tester for Kaep) are very important to gauge if Kaep is ready for the bigtime playoff situation coming up. Thats not how I'd handle it, but I'm just a fan, and Harbough is the expert. Maybe Harbough has a trick under his sleeve, to unleash Kaep full potential in playoffs, I don't know still risky to let go of the Hot handed Alex Smith who I thought had it all! We shall see, do you think Alexs could come back though if Kaep loses one of the 2 games or both, I'd think so, that's just logic!!!

  • Chickendance Time

    Any reply on my comment 49erPundit??? Reply would be appreciated!

  • Chicken dance Time

    49er Pundit, you are a very rude unproffesional bloger on here, you don't reply and if you don't agree with something you wont respond, I've been on here before and if you don't agree or care, you don't reply. I am looking for another site, I want to talk to fellow 49er fans and share some insight and talk about the 49ers and talk to friendly fellow fans. I won't be on here again and I'm sure others will follow suit. Maybe I'll open my own site and show ya how its done, I've been a true fan since 86 ' and I don't deserve this, See Ya, moving on to something better! 😉

    • 49ersNews

      See ya…

  • Romerora

    lol. im sorry, how are any of these comments related to the article? this isnt chat time chicken dance time! they have a forum for shit like that. Jacobs deserves what he got, im glad he wont be a niner..

  • mike friedenberger

    can the 49ers. go all the way. to the super bowl. this year. i think they can.. i wood love to have one ticket
    to one of their last to weeks . i never saw a game live before. that will be my dream. but im just wishing
    right now