49ers move to 9-3-1 with win over Dolphins

The 49ers improved to 9-3-1 and still keep distance ahead of Seattle and the No.2 seed. However if the offense doesn’t get together and be more consistent, it will be hard to keep that No.2 spot, let alone win the West.

Colin Kaepernick finished the day 18 of 23 for 183 and no touchdowns or interceptions. It was very Alexesque, that is until he scored a touchdown on a 50 yard run.

The play calling still seemed questionable and the defense didn’t play that well, but when they needed to they stepped up.

Frank Gore finished the day with 63 yards, which helped him pass the 1000 yard mark for the 6th time in his career. He scored a TD, which tied him with Roger Craig and Joe Perry for all time rushing touchdowns at 50.

On the defensive side of the ball Aldon Smith recorded two sacks, which puts him at 19.5 on the season. He is now the 49ers single season sack holder and only 3.5 away from breaking Michael Strahan’s sack record of 22.5.

The 49ers travel to New England next weekend for a Sunday Night game. The offense needs to tighten up and stay consistent in order to walk away with the W.

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  • Hector

    Kap looked sloppy, showed he was 2nd strong QB. Alex would of scored at least 35-40 points in this game. Kap had the home crowd, but would not be the case if he was In New England. We need alex back deprestly, this game was all the proof that Kap is a good backup much Elvis Grbac was and Bono. Laps not Steve young, he’s not Rg3, we need back Alex ASAP!!!!!!

  • Santos

    Miami would of beat us bad if we played in Miami, 49ers can’t rely Kap to run the ball and win the Super Bowl. Time for Alex time, this site and it delusional Kap cowboy fans need to step off and go to the Cowbillys site and realize the 49ers need Alex back!!!!!!

  • Forensics187

    Kap is now 3-1 as a starter! We play the Pats next week, guess what? The Niner’s will need to be able to air it out and score while possibly playing from behind. Kaps Big arm is a must next week. Great win boys!

  • Herald Smith

    49ers sucked it up today earlier, we won today manly because of the home crowd. Kap had some luck plays but wouldn’t of won on the road. I am looking forward to the return of Alex in next weeks New England game, kaepernick showed clearly that he was a second string QB. A very unimpressive showing today, if we were to keep Kap in there we would lose in first round of playoffs, Kap sucked it up today. Like a previous commenter said we can’t rely on kaepernick winning by runs on touchdowns against our opponents, QB’s get paid to throw the ball, running is a bonus can’t be reliae he whole season. It’s Alex time at last. I have noticed theres one guy on this site like forensics and others using same screename, quit it please!!!!