49ers head to Playoffs with roller coaster ride win over Patriots

The New England Patriots were 22-1 at home in December, they hadn’t lost at home since 2001. That is until now. The 49ers came in and in the first half played smash mouthed football, threw Tom Brady off his game and had at one point a 31-3 lead. However, for some reason Fangio went into zone defense and picked the 49ers apart and scored 28 unanswered points to tie it up 31-31. When the 49ers needed a big play they got it from a LaMichael James and Michael Crabtree. The 49ers hung on and kept Brady in check in the end when they needed to. Here are some quick notes from the game…

  • Aldon Smith was held sackless, he needs 3.5 sacks in the last two games to break Strahan’s sack record.
  • Colin Kaepernick made one bad pass the interception in the endzone, but he threw 4 touchdown passes, which made the difference.
  • Rookie LaMichael James came up big with a kickoff return that setup the go ahead touchdown to Michael Crabtree.
  • Justin Smith hurt his elbow, status unknown.
  • Ray McDonald sacked Brady twice, even once with his helmet off.
  • Frank Gore scored his 51st rushing touchdown of his career, which put him at No. 1 in all time rushing touchdowns for the 49ers.
  • The 49ers picked off Tom Brady twice, which is unheard of in December and at home.

The 49ers made the playoffs with the win against New England. Here are the scenarios. If the 49ers win next weekend against the Seahawks, they win the West. The 49ers control their own destiny. If they win out they will win the West and hold the No. 2 seed in the Playoffs.

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  • JefTank

    Umm, Gore's TD did not count as a rush TD. It was a fumble pick up and return TD, not considered a rushing TD, so Gore is still tied.

  • Forensics187

    Crazy game filled with a bunch of emotion. The defense showed up in a big way. Kaepernick showed America why he is our starter.

    Huge win for us. unfortunately, it must be short lived. Even bigger game next week!

    • 49ersNews

      Yup. They win next weekend they win the West.

  • Another prime time game next week. We get up like that at halftime against Seattle, its safe to see Russell Wilson wont be bringing the Seahawks back. We just gotta shift our focus to stopping Lynch and we got it. One thing is clear, Kap shines under the bright lights.

  • Psilenttype

    I’m pretty sure you still want to go back to the ‘hot hand’ , Niner Pundit!

    • 49ersNews

      Nope. I was wrong.

    • Forensics187

      It took Kap 5 games to throw 4 TD’S…Smith hasn’t done that in 79 games. With that being said, Smith is a classy guy. He did his thing, I personally will hate to see him go. The best man plays, plain and simple.

  • Ed Delrus

    Wild game at the end, but what do you expect from Tom Brady, he’s a legend. The press today hasn’t been giving us much credit on the win, you can see the guys on network cringe when they showed the highlights. We got this game next weekend, but it’s going to be close giving the hot streak Wilson’s had lately. By the way, Niner Pundit, man why do you use the same screename and talk to yourself everyday, your comments sound like the same person, just picked up on that, that’s kinda funny.. Well, do your thing man, lol. Go 49ers