49ers continue W, W, L, trend in Seattle

The 49ers headed into Seattle needing a win to clinch the division and still hold the No. 2 in the NFC.

Well none of that happened as they got embarrassed by the Seahawks. The 49ers looked flat, unprepared and they were definitely outcoached.

One thing is obvious after this game, Justin Smith is the MVP of this defense. The Seahawks ran at his fill ins and took Aldon Smith and his pass rush out of the game.

Nothing went the 49ers way, they had a field goal blocked for a TD, they lost Vernon Davis, Mario Manningham, and other players I can’t remember.

The 49ers can still win the West with a victory at home against the Cardinals, but they need the Vikings to beat the Packers to get that bye week.

If things play out like they should, the 49ers will get the No. 3 seed and host the No. 6 seed, which will either be Min/Chi/Dal/NY.

The Seahawks can enjoy this won, they flat out kicked the 49ers ass. The 12th man did their part.

Now time for the 49ers to get their act together, beat the Cards and then break the W, W, L trend if they want Lombardi #6.

The Pundit of 49ersNews. I do what I can to supply the Niner fans with their fix.
  • Robert Romero

    at 21-0 alex should have been placed in the game. There is no reason to keep kaep in at that point.

  • Basharr

    The trouble is deeper than people may think, though they beat the Pats they coughed up a lot of points the pats should not have scored. Seattle obviously saw the flaws from the pats game and hit the ground running. We are going to miss Justin Smith, because he allows the other Smith to get his rush on. I think it was good they left Kaep in in the game because he has to live through tough losses and plain old routings if he is to mature into a seasoned QB that we need to lead the Red and Gold.. Alex is done in SF and not that I dislike him he really only had two solid years with the team. Rock on Niners another game awaits, shake it of and rock the house.

    • Prospecting

      9erPundit, Do you think honestly we will go to superbowl this season. I just don’t know, Kap looks like a superstar one week and a complete bust the third. I’m just not sure if we made the right decision and this might haunt us. I want so badly for this team to win because we really deserve it being the laughing stock since 02′, it’s been a long 11 years for me actually a long 19 or so since 94′ we need to win with this group or see them sent off winning somewhere else. :(

      • 49ersNews

        To be honest I'm not sure. If they continue the W,W,L trend. They will either lose in the Divisional round or if they get a bye with a Packers loss, they'll lose in NFC Championship game. The late slew of injuries is going to hurt them more than help. My fingers are crossed.

        • Prospecting

          Ya, I feel the same, not sure at this point. Just hope the Pack loses this sunday, which could happen playing in Minnesota. The experts are saying if the pack loses and we win, we will have a bye and then most likely play the bears or pack. If the Pack loses will we have home field throughout until Atlanta, that is if Atlanta were to lose? If Atlanta were to make it till the NFC championship game and us, would we face them there, that is correct right. That reminds me of the late 90's when we faced the dirty bird and company, and those guys beat us there, I hope we make it there, or the best case scenerio if the pack loses this sunday and the falcons lose at some point, to bring the champ game back here again. 9erpundit, that would happen if the falcons lost in playoffs, if we made it sall the way the NFC champiuonship game would be here again right, and if the pack loses on sunday?

    • 49ersNews

      Well said…Go Niners

      • Prospecting

        Just not sure about Kaep, this inconsistancy and lack of experience is what I feared, I knew this ould happen, win a few, lose a few, this is the makings of a young experienced QB. We could of Kept Alex in there and kept Kap at bay when needed, just don't want this to bite us in playoffs. Tired of getting so far and being let so down, we need to go all the way, but tell that to the players right, there too busy worrying about there wardrobe.

  • Basharr

    As far as Kaep goes, I remember when many people thought Steve Young might be a bust, it turned out he and company took us to another Superbowl and won. Will Kaep do it this year? We are in the playoffs and anything is possible. This is two years in a row we are heading into the playoffs so things are not bad. Justin Smith is obviously the missing link to our defense so we need to fond a way to keep the stout defense without him. But one thing I never do is give up on the Niners. One thing I do know, except for last year, for the last 7 and more we have been watching other teams in the playoffs while sitting at home hoping maybe next year we get a shot. We have two years now with a shot, just got to make the most of our chances. GO NINERS!!!

  • Prospecting

    Lets all root for the Vik's this weekend!!! I think the Vik's are the only team to beat the Pack at this point, but if it were at Lambeau, no chance, this game keeps the Vik's in it, so you know they will play there best!! We still have to beat the Cards, those guys would love to pull an upset. Worse case scenerio we lost at home this weekend, in my view it would be over this season for us, no chance, because that would mean we'd play the Hawks back at there nest, and that would be another bads loss, and I don't want to see sherman and posey arrogance anymore. I would love to see a rematch at the Stick on a NF championship game, I think the seahawks could upset the falcons at there home and come play us if we get there. I think our moster D would show up and the hawk and Condor would show them how it's done, it would be good for us to win that game and go to a SuperBowl, but that's just wishful thinking!