49ers avoid another tie by losing to Rams

The 49ers were 30 seconds away from ending in another tie, unfortunately, the Rams kicker had something else in mind. The Rams beat the 49ers 16-13 in OT. The 49ers move to 8-3-1 on the year and to make it worse the Seahawks won in OT and are now 7-5. Things just got a little tighter in the NFC West.

Now onto the game, where do I begin. First off I’m gonna say it and I’ll probably be in the minority, but this loss is on Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick. It is on Harbaugh for sticking with the ‘hot hand’ Kaepernick, when Alex Smith is clearly the better choice. I’m not saying he is the better QB, but at this time, Smith is better for this team.

Colin Kaepernick will be a very good QB, but you go with Kaepernick next year and let Alex finish what he started. I honestly believe if Smith is at QB, the 49ers win this game. Kaepernick gave the Rams 8 points.

Yes, I was on the Kaepernick bandwagon. I thought Smith got a raw deal. Kaepernick brings more to the table, but in the middle of another Super Bowl run you stick with the QB who has been winning. Kaepernick did well against Bears because they didn’t game plan for him and against the Saints, the defense bailed him out with two pick 6’s.

Okay, maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit. Always hate talking about the game before I can clear my head. This loss should be put on Greg Roman, the play calling isn’t consistent and lots of times to cute. When you need to run the clock out you do not call that play where you pitch to Ginn. Also his play calls need to better suit Colin, they are still running the plays that Alex ran and these QB’s are not the same.

Again I know, I’m in the minority and I still have faith in Harbaugh. Maybe it is just second guessing, but man this loss sucks. They should have won this game and knowing the outcome is different with Alex, makes it suck that much more.

I’m sure if Harbaugh sticks with Kaepernick, I’ll be on his nuts next week if he comes out slinging it. But for now…I’m not.

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  • Julio

    The question is Pundit, when is Alex Smith coming back in??? We got to fix this, and put the pieces back together fast. This was much like the Troy Smith experiment, remember that one, it failed!!!! We need back Alex inmediatly!!!

  • really dont like the playcalling in tight games, happened in the last game vs the Rams, and in the playoff game against the Giants last year

    • Hector Martinez

      What do ya think meeker, do we need back Alex!!!!! This game today was ridiculous, and should make Harbough realize Alex is the only way to a superbowl, Kap is a darn good backup that’s it, but no experience. I was just thinking during first half Alex would of been up by at least 2 TD’s by now, he’s would of made things happen, I could tell the player were getting frustrated as if they were realizing this is not working, thought it would but it wasn’t gonna.

      • 49ersNews

        Hector…if the 49ers want to win or make it to a Super Bowl this year, they need to put Alex back at QB. Kaep's time is not now. I know he is the future, but Alex needs to be the starter.

  • Hector Martinez

    All I got to say is TROY SMITH.

  • phalanx

    I wouldn't blame the playcall on the fumble, it's a basic pitch. It's a fundamental skill you expect your QB to be able to execute. If anything, I'm impressed by Colin accepting responsibility for that mistake, rather than making excuses. I'm sure he'll get in more reps on pitching it back and won't ever make the same mistake again.

    If anything, the loss of Kendall Hunter really hurt the 49ers. They were able to run it inside at first, but I think the Rams realized that the 49ers would not have a credible outside running game, and stuffed the inside runs. When the running game stalled, the passing game wasn't consistent enough to keep drives alive. I'm not sure how the 49ers are gonna address this…

  • Hector Martinez

    This site sucks, I'm conivinced theres bandwagon fans on here or people who don't have any knowledge of winning football. The 49ers need Alex back plan and simple, it was obvious the Kaep experiment did not work and all I get on my reply is bad play calling, and some some guy saying he's impressed by Colin, thats a for sure sign of a bandwagon fan who hasnt doesnt expect championship football. Alot of us fans son have suffered for many year and we are ready for a superbowl victory like many other TRUE faithful fans. We don't havde time for experimenrs or to try a 2nd year QB out because you have a man crush. We need to win now or we this team won't win at all because we will lose it all in free agency.

  • Hector Martinez

    I'm convinced this is not a true 49er site, maybe a The guy who runs this is a cowboy texan 49er fan.

    • 49ersNews

      You are so right. I\’ve been running this site for 10 years, because I hate the 49ers.

      • Sanchez

        Exactly, and I am sure you love talking to yourself with your multiple screenames.