49ers and Seahawks Week 16 game moving to Primetime

NBC has announced that it will flex their Sunday Night game for Week 16. NBC was set to air the San Diego Chargers vs the New York Jets, but since both those teams suck, NBC has decided to flex that game and air the 49ers vs the Seahawks.

Depending on the outcomes of this weeks games, there is a good chance that game between the two could determine who wins the NFC West.

If the 49ers win that game, regardless of the others on their schedule they would win the division.

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  • Felipe Martinez

    Senor Pundit, what do you think about Deshon Goldson, will we resign him soon to a long term contract. We must not lose him Senor, he is muy importante, the very best in the league!! Do you think we will resign him to a long terem contract. I am hoping they will offer him a long term contract like Bowman, he is one of the best on our defense, a very important part of our team, losing him will be terrible for this team, we need him very much!!! I am so eager for them to sign him!!! Please reply my friend on your thought, please give me some details my friend. Gracias Pundit, you are very intelligent football expert!! Please respond Senor! v muy importante!! Gracias!!

    • 49ersNews

      First off how many usernames are you going to use on here. They'll try and re-sign him. If they cant come to agreement, he'll be tagged again.

      • Felipe Martinez

        What do you mean my friend? I do not understand, I am only one?. Are you rude to all your commenters, this makes me very upset, I have a question pertaining to football and you are very rude to me, why??. Did you father teach you manners, I will not come on this site again, I think it is you creating your own users, si! Good day and goodbye rude man. I will join better site, with other long time 49er fans. You Sir PunditI am convinced are not a 49er fan insulting others. goodbye.

  • Felipe Martinez

    Please reply Señor. Gracias for your expert opinion. Feliz Navidad Senor!! :)