Per reports Kaepernick still slated to start

There has been a lot of back and forth this week on whether Colin Kaepernick would start against the Saints this week, Jim Trotter was first when he said that Jim Harbaugh informed Alex Smith he was not starting and it had nothing to due with health issues. Later that day Trent Dilfer was on record saying that Alex Smith told him that Kaepernick would get the first team reps in practice and that on Friday the team would have a better decision on who starts.

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman said yesterday that no decision had been made on the starter and that those reports from earlier in the week were false, fast forward to this morning and we have a report from Ed Werder stating that Alex Smith has been medically cleared to play, but despite that Colin Kaepernick would be getting the start in New Orleans.

Werder’s report isn’t the only one saying Kaepernick is infact starting. Safety Donte Whitner was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and when asked he said that Colin Kaepernick would start. So there is a lot of he said, she said going on right now, but from the reports it seems that Colin Kaepernick starting against the Saints is more likely than Alex Smith.

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  • 49ers follower

    Kaepernick looks the steadier QB than Smith. Accurate in the long and short passes. He’s got the making of a great QB

  • Forensics187

    I’m extremely excited about Kaep, this guy gives our offense a whole new element that we really haven’t had. I mean I know it was just one game but if we can continue to run ball like we have and stretch the field with Moss and Davis we could be that much better on that side of the ball. Imagine the bootlegs and playaction.

    Good bye Mr. Checkdown! No more screens and draws on 3rd and long.

  • slapstick49

    as much as i enjoyed watching kaep play on monday, i still think alex should start if hes healthy, he was playing extremely well before he was concused and come playoff time, he has that experience. kaep will def be the starter next year but i wouldnt gamble a possible super bowl berth on a guy with one game experience