LaMichael James thanks you for your support

Not long after the news broke that Kendall Hunter was heading to IR and that rookie back LaMichael James would most likely be activated on gameday. The 49ers Faithful started tweeting that they were ready for LaMichael James to be unleashed. Here is a sample…

there are many more tweets than those, but after hundreds of tweets to LaMichael, he came in he responded with this…

Someone seems a little bitter…and then finished it up with this.

Word of advice LaMike. You don’t want to get on the Faithful’s bad side…

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  • mikeinsanfran

    Please put this in context and show the tweets from last week when 49ers fans were attacking LaMike calling him a "bust" and a "horrible draft pick". That's what this all stems from.

    • 49ersNews

      Mike…That was brought to my attention, yesterday. I didn\’t see those. I haven\’t had a chance to get in here and update this article