Kaepernick and 49ers Roll the Bears 32-7

Everyone saw the game so I’m not going to go on and on and on about this and that. I’m gonna keep it simple and post the numbers.

Colin Kaepernick 16 of 23 for 243 and 2 touchdowns.
Vernon Davis 6 catches for 83 yards and 1 touchdown.
Frank Gore 78 yards rushing.
Aldon Smith 5 sacks.

The Chicago Bears on both sides of the ball should be embarrassed. Kaepernick in his first start outperformed and made the Bears defense to look like a joke.

The biggest question this week and from here on out is how long until Colin Kaepernick takes over as starting quarterback.

Aldon now holds the record for most sacks on a Monday Night Football game record for sacks with 5.5.
The 32-7 victory is the largest margin of victory for a QB getting his first start.
Aldon now has 14.5 sacks on the season, which at this time leads the NFL.
Brandon Marshall looks like he was going to cry the entire game.

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  • Basharr

    Colin is reminding me of another great QB of Niner fame, Steve Young the ability to throw as well as run for plus yardage.