Harbaugh is going with the ‘hot hand’ Kaepernick

Two days ago after Colin Kaepernick led the 49ers to victory over the Chicago Bears, Jim Harbaugh was asked who would be his starter against New Orleans. Harbaugh responded by saying, “I usually tend to go with the guy that has the hot hand and we have two quarterbacks that have a hot hand.”

Well, it was reported tonight that the ‘hot hand’ he is going with is Colin Kaepernick. Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated tweeted that Harbaugh informed Alex Smith he is going with Colin Kaepernick and that the decision was not health related. So, there you have it Niner fans, Colin Kaepernick will make his second consecutive start and will make it on the road in New Orleans.

It is going to be interesting from here on out. If Colin goes out on Sunday and performs like he did against the Bears, it is safe to assume that Alex Smith’s starting days in San Francisco are over…well unless Kaepernick were to get hurt.

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  • Romerora

    and i now lose respect for our coach.