Game Preview: 49ers/Rams ticket price trend

The Colin Kaepernick era officially begins where it unofficially begun. Kaepernick and his 49ers take on the St. Louis Rams in week 13, the same team Kaepernick entered to face when former starting quarterback Alex Smith sustained a concussion a few weeks ago. This time around, ‘Kaep’ gets first crack at thwarting off the Rams, while the two NFC West rivals will do their best to avoid a tie.

St. Louis doesn’t have much life in terms of chasing the playoffs at this point, but they fought a good 49ers team into a tie, and should once again give a strong effort – especially with this one in St. Louis. With that said, the location could play a good hand in the value of this one, as fans see this one drop by 34% in the last week, is 3% less expensive than their 2011 game in STL, and down another 7% from 2010. The game is naturally San Fran’s second cheapest road game, and comes in at just $105/tickets, 61% below the average price of 49ers tickets away from Candlestick this season.

On paper the 49ers are better with Kaepernick under center, as he has a livelier arm and is much more athletic and dynamic than Alex Smith. The Rams already got a feel for what ‘Kaep’ will bring to the table a few weeks ago, but perhaps things could get a little tricker with the quarterback’s speed on the turf in St. Louis. One thing is for sure; if the Rams are to come anywhere close to a tie the second time around, they’ll have to get to Kaepernick early and often, while also out-smarting a stout 49ers defense on the other side of the ball. Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

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