Aldon Smith: Was he or wasn’t he ‘jumped’

Twitter was a buzz today, okay well maybe just my twitter, with reports that Aldon Smith was jumped outside a mexican restaurant early this morning in Missouri.

Ashley Zavala who covers college football for NBC in Missouri tweeted this earlier today…

Of course at that time none of the 49ers beat writers were talking about it. There wasn’t a lot of information out there on this and speculation was maybe this Ashley didn’t have the facts straight. Not long after Ashley’s tweet Aldon tweeted that he was fine, but neither confirmed or denied if he was jumped.

After that tweet the story got some more legs, Mike Sando of ESPN wrote a little piece stating the same above and updated it that Aldon said he was not jumped and for people to quit asking.

So after reading the above tweet from Aldon it was safe to say that the story was infact false, that is until Eric Branch of the Chronicle got wind of it and reported that a restaurant employee was aware of the Aldon Smith incident…

The 49ers have made no comment on this matter at this time, so now the question is. Was Aldon ‘jumped’ or wasn’t he. If he was, it brings back his offseason troubles where he received a DUI and also multiple stab wounds. Someone needs to tell him he needs to make better decisions.

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