49ers and Rams end in a tie

The 49ers and Rams ended the day the same as they started it. Neither team winning and neither team losing. For the first time since 2008 an NFL game ended in a tie.

The Rams started off the game playing their asses off. A quick 14-0 before the 49ers got points on the board. The 49ers came out flat and couldn’t stop anything. Once they finally got the offense going, Alex Smith took a hard hit that put him out of the game. Colin Kaepernick game in and started bad, but gained his composure and ended up leading the 49ers to overtime.

Once overtime came the Sam Bradford and Danny Amendola connected on what was sure to setup a Rams victory but a penalty negated the play and gave the 49ers some life.

Kaepernick brought the 49ers within field goal range, but the once automatic David Akers missed it from 41. Rams got ball back set themselves up for a 53 yarder which was good, but there was a delay of game penalty and their try from 58 missed.

From there it was keep away, the 49ers had good field position but couldn’t take advantage.

The 49ers certainly have work to do this week. They need to get their run defense back up to speed, special teams needs a gut check, and the coaching needs to improve on both sides of the ball. They have the Bears coming in next week and sitting at 6-2-1 they definitely need that win.

It should be noted that Frank Gore played his ass off, at times it seemed like he was the only one that cared. Sorry, I can’t forget about Crabtree, he made some good plays as well.

Still can’t believe it ended in a tie. Not sure how to respond to that.

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  • Hector Martinez San Saba

    Pundit, I agree my friend!! I also think we need to get our act together, the 49ers are not playing championship football and that is unfortunate!! The 49ers had too much fun I think during the bye when they should of stayed at the 49ers compound and trained for this game and getting to a 6th Super Bowl win, that should be there main focus, not miami beach! The 49ers of past had a focus and dedication that these teams don’t have, they need to get there act together fast, consule some of the old 49er greats, this team needs that championship attitude, not the casual one!

  • The 49ers have a lot more potential than they showed last night. But lets remember, their starting quarterback went down. Alex Smith would have hit the open receivers and got a touchdown on that same possession he went down. Tying it at 14 would have completely changed the game. 49ers would have ended up winning going away if Smith doesn't go down. They are fine and will still win the division. We need to worry about how serious his concussion is and now Gore went back in to get his ribs X-rayed. Not good.