Pathetic. 49ers lose to Giants

At this point not sure if the score will be 30-3 or 23-3. Regardless the 49ers played like crap on all sides of the ball.

The 49ers offense looked good on their opening drive, until Akers missed a field goal. From there on out it went downhill. Alex Smith threw 3 interceptions. The defense could not stop Eli or the running game. And Jim Harbaugh was outcoached.

The one thing that seemed to screw this team was anytime they got momentum they brought in Colin Kaepernick and it was all for nothing.

Oh well, I’m not going to dwell to much on this loss. I’m ready for Thursday. Let’s hope the team quits getting full of themselves and get back to playing ball.

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  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    Depressing Loss, I was there and haven't been to the Stick in a while so it was not a good welcome back for me! At least as my prodecion said theTexans lost, that was awesome and also thecowillies lost, that made the defeat feel a little better, ccan't imagineI would of felt if both those teams won and my niners lost. It was a long drive home because I was in complete shock, didnt expect 26-3, if they were to lose I thought it would be like 21-17 a close one, but shelling out big money for these tickets, there was just a field goal, that sucked and I was upset. And plus thefact that I had these annoying commentating Giants fan9ers are out of contention for good this year and the 49ers are not going anywhere.I was pissed and I said this is just one game, don't ride us off, wait till the playoffs thats when it counts just like for the Giants last year, there record was not reflective of there game play, they had some bunk loses last season and became champions enough said commentating Giants fans!!

    • 49erFanatic

      Dude, it's all about PEAKING at the right time during the season. Alex rose to the ocassion last year against the Saints. Dont count them out yet. They're an awesome team that hasn't even begun to tap into their talent at WR and RB. They know that it's not gonna be a cake-walk getting to the Championship again this season. They've got a little taste of what it's like to lose and hopefully – don't want no more. Keep the faith Bro! NOBODY's GOT IT BETTER THAN US….

      • LoneTexas49ernomore

        Fanantic thanks for the reply back, I'm not sure why I comeon here this guy Punditis very rude and never replies back. Anyhow, I'm not giving up, I'm just like every lifelong fan on here, we want to win now and win it all. Ofcourse every game is not going to be pretty, I just want us to step up against the best teams, the score is wehat effected me, we only got a field goal in that game, and I was exepecting at leasty a TD, the point spread was too much to see being at that game and having flocks of Giants fans around me saying the 49ers a not going anywhere, it was upsetting to hear being at the Stick. Your right though this may be a strategy on Harboughs behalf, maybe he's not leting the cat out of the bag till the playoffs, lets see. But ya, even the best teams have an off game, we experimented in that game and it cost us. Am I the only one but do you still think the Texans have notplayed the very best yet, they are good but not the best, maybe 5 rating but not 2 0r 3, thats not right look at there easy schedule mostly at home.

  • Pundit

    Lone…we blame you for the loss since you were there.

    • LoneTexas49ernomore

      Thats what I was thinking, maybe you were there too!! I'm going to the game tonight. Heding that way shortly. Were winning!!!

  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    The 49ers had an off game and even the best teams collapse sometimes and thegame plan and teams not on thesame page, the fans behind me acted like we were done for the next 10 years LOL saying Alex is not going to bring us anywhere ever. As much as a Alex hater I was I think he's developed into a pretty good QB, not an Eli but a notch below and he can get us to a Bowl, yes he can just need to play like last year consistant and tough accurate throws. In my opinion the best team in the NFL, I said that before the game started on sunday is the Giants. I told my brother that was the team to beat the Giants and I stand by that now until we beat them in playoffs so I wasnt suprised by the loss just the margin of points. I thought this game could of gone either way. I think were alowed a few bunk loses, but more than 3 this year will make me think this is not our year so I hope the losing ends thursday for good!!!!

  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    At the end of the year I want our 49ers to have no more than 4 loses to be in contention to be champions, we need wins to help our playoff advantage and to build morale and to build confidence for a superbowl run starting thursday no more loses!!!!! And to get home field if that's possible, lets hope the falcons start losing and Giants, I think the NFC championship will be ther ethis year! I'm upset at some polls having the Texans still above us, The Texans are not as god as advertised just overhyped by media. As I said in the beginning of season once they play good teams they will lose or come close to losing, hence the Green bay packers and almost a loss to the Jets who we had a shutout on there field and we beatthe Pack on there field by a big margin, but seems like the anaylysts still don't see this valid point yet,they still have a crush on this bunk hillbilly team, lets see come the end of season if the love affair is still there!! I hope we bounce back big from this loss and get back the respect we deserve, this is our year we need to win it all!!!