Daily Links: Historic rout

As most know by now the 49ers did something no other team in the history of the NFL has done and that is throw and rush for over 300 yards in a game. Here is what is being said around Ninerland.

Eric Branch points out that not only was the offense historic, but the defense wasn’t to shabby.
Mike Sando points out that the NFC West is best league in the NFL and within that division the 49ers are still the team to beat.
Fox News points out how Alex Smith is silencing his critics.
After 621 yards of total offense Mike Sando points out the New York Giants won’t recognize this 49ers offense.
Steve Corkan of the Merc talks about Kyle Williams and his continuing redemption.
Greg Roman is being called a ‘Mad Scientist’ and an ‘Evil Genius’ by the offense.
Matt Barrows says the 49ers are not just beating opponents, they are bullying them.

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