Carlos Rogers thinks Jets quit

One of the worst defensive performances in Rex Ryan’s coaching career turned even worse Tuesday night, when San Francisco 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers accused the New York Jets of quitting late in Sunday’s 34-0 blowout.

“Yeah, you could see it happening,” Rogers told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “It kind of shocked me because a lot of guys on (our) sideline were saying, ‘They don’t want to tackle, they don’t want to do this, they don’t want to do that.’

“That’s a Rex Ryan defense,” he continued. “That’s a Rex Ryan team … and his defense, you know, plays throughout. That was the shocking point about it.”

Rogers, who scored on a 51-yard fumble return, also said, “It really kind of shocked me to see that them guys were really just ready to get in the shower.”

Rogers said he knew it was over once they opened a comfortable lead. “I know, looking at their defense, they didn’t want to be out there,” he said. “After that, it was like, ‘Man, these guys really don’t want to play the game. It’s pretty much over.’ “

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