49ers vs Seahawks: Ticket Price Trend

Don’t look now, but the San Francisco 49ers aren’t running away with the NFC West this year. Not only have the 49ers dropped two games already to the Giants and Vikings, but the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks are tied with them atop the division at 4-2, while the St. Louis Rams aren’t far behind at 3-3. Needless to say, when the 49ers host the Seahawks on Thursday Night Football, a lot will be on the line. Pride is one aspect, but the 49ers can’t afford to mess around against a very sneaky Seahawks team that plays defense on as elite of a level as San Francisco does, and makes plays on offense simply when they have to.

The hype surrounding this game has no doubt elevated the price of admission, as ticket prices are 50% higher than they were the last time Seattle visited the 49ers, and are up a staggering 79% from when they met in California in 2010. The current average prices for tickets is $140 per seat and as of Wednesday afternoon you can get into Candlestick as low as $38, with over 400 tickets still available for less than $60.

This game looks like a 49ers win on paper, but a closer look suggests these teams are evenly matched. Seattle got lucky with their “Toucherception” ruling against the Packers in week three, but is still a very tough team that is also very well coached. They’re almost a mirror image of the 49ers in a sense, although they’re starting rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, as opposed to the veteran Alex Smith for San Fran.

Ultimately, this game is going to come down to which team makes fewer mistakes. It sounds simple, but both teams are built on stuffing the run and managing games with their offense. And both happen to be very, very good at it.

Seattle being tied with the 49ers and the division lead being on the line is clearly what beefs up the value of this game, which not surprisingly makes this contest the 4th highest priced road game for the Seahawks. Oddly enough, this will be the 49ers’ 3rd least expensive home game, likely further showing just how little credit the Seahawks are getting these days, despite an impressive start.

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