49ers vs Seahawks: A Preview

If you are looking for a gameday preview article that breaks down how the offensive line will play vs the defensive line, stop reading now and go to ESPN or NFL.com. I’m not going to bore you with X’s and O’s and crap like that. I’m just gonna lay it out for you on my thoughts for this game…

Let me start off by saying I can’t stand the Seattle Seahawks, from their midget quarterback to their head coach who looks like Droopy Dog. I hate them with a passion, almost as much as the Cowboys…almost.

Now that I have that out of the way, here is a quick look on what needs to be done.

Run the ball. That’s it, it is that simple. The numbers show that when Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter carry the ball 20+ times combined the 49ers win. How hard is that.

Now I know the Seahawks will put everyone in the box and make Alex Smith beat them with his arm, which is fine. I don’t expect Vernon Davis, Manningham, Crabtree or Moss to be shut down.

On the defensive side of the ball, I have a feeling the defense is going to come out pissed. They allowed a 100 yard rusher last week and Matt Millen already called out Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman on their performance against the Giants. An NFC West opponent, primetime, in their house. That doesn’t bode well for the Seahawks.

Marshawn Lynch? Not worried there…well unless he’s been drinking.

Russell Wilson, the second coming, well maybe the third, since RGIII has already been annointed Jesus by the media. I do not want to spend that much time on him, but if anyone has watched him play. He sucks. The only good thing about him is his ability to throw the ball deep in the air and hope a Seahawk catches it.

Finally Pete Carroll. Perhaps one of the coaches in the NFL I can’t stand the most. I’m not looking forward to the cameras panning in on him and seeing those doppy looks he’ll have. I so hope Harbaugh runs up the score on him.

I’m hoping the 49ers beat the crap out of the Seahawks, will it happen? Probably not. I envision trips to the redzone only resulting in 3’s. Times when the 49ers can put the game away only to falter. They’ll keep the Seahawks in the game all the way until the end. They’ll pound the ball on the ground, settle for 3’s and win 17-15.

Now I wonder if Roman and Harbaugh have figured out the whole Kaepernick carousel…guess we’ll soon find out.

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  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    We need this win and in my opinion we need to win big, but that is in a perfect world and we do not live there. So I also envision a close one, but part of me envisions a big win for us, so I'm going with that inner feeling Envision # 2!!! My first envision, Envision #1 was 24-17, not Iike your envision #1 which was very close. I think my envision # 2 will be more accurate, we are better than that Pundit give us more credit!. So I'm sticking with Envision # 2 because we have home field!!! I think the 49ers had just that bunk loss to the Giants and Vikings game, it was just not our day and not the end of the 49ers, its only 2 losses, but 2 losses which should have been wins I know, I'm not worried until we have 4 losses that will concern me then which Ihope we don't get too! Were coming back from this thats my Envision, and Pundit give our Team more credit my brother, your envision # 1 margin was just horrible, don't jump on the bandwagon of the commentating Giants fan thinking its done this season for the 49ers. Were going to come back and restore glory to this franchise and get #6 this year or next thats my Envision!!!

  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    We will win, Going with Envision #2, the score will be 31-17 for sure!! Envision #1 was 24-17 but I think its wrong, people are envisioning a close game like yourself, but I think its gonna be a suprise and were gonna come out swinging, were gonna have our game face on, Sunday we were in a daze, maybe because my excitment for my 49ers distracted the team, LOL. let see if envision # 1 is right, I think so!!

    • Don Juan Julio

      Excellente, Supremo!!!! Supremo senior!!!!! 31-17!!! :)

      • LoneTexas49ernomore

        Don Juan thank you sir!! At least someone replys to my comments.

  • Don Juan Julio

    Excellente Senor!!!!