49ers vs Giants ticket price trend

The San Francisco 49ers opened the 2012 season with a huge game against the
Green Bay Packers. This one might be even bigger. San Francisco hosts the defending
champion New York Giants in week six, who they happened to lose to in last year’s NFC
title game.

Normally, San Francisco 49ers tickets are pretty affordable. Despite their
Super Bowl aspirations and excellent early-season play, the Niners $179 home average
ticket price ranks just 21st in the NFL. However, with this matchup it shouldn’t be a
surprise to anyone that this it weighs in as one of the top priced games of week 6,
and San Francisco’s most expensive home ticket on the year. A seat for this NFC
Championship game rematch is currently selling for an average of $307 per seat, 72%
higher than the Niners home average, and 76% higher than when these two teams
met last regular season at Candlestick. Also, this is the most expensive conference
championship game rematch in the last three years.

As for the game itself, the 49ers appear to be the better team on paper at 4-1, but Eli
Manning has shown many times in the past that matchups are made for paper, and he
routinely proves his critics wrong. As elite as the 49ers’ defense is, this figures to be a
battle to the bitter end.

For New York to have a chance, Manning will have to take to the air and be on top of his
game, as the 49ers aren’t likely to allow Ahmad Bradshaw and the Giants’ rushing attack
much room to roam on the ground. That could prove to be extra difficult if Hakeem Nicks
and/or Ramses Barden, who have both been battling injuries, are hindered or are unable
to suit up.

On the other side, New York’s pass-rush has never been mistaken for a slouch, so Alex
Smith may have to rise up and be more than his game-manager self. An injury to a
finger on his throwing hand could potentially impact his affect on the game.

Regardless of the outcome, this is a well-stocked battle that comes bundled with stars
and emotion, and could go a long way in solidifying either team early in the season. It
should be very entertaining.

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  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    I'm attending this game this weekend so I should know, my homes pocket book is lighter. Was going to go to Rams game but shelled out the extra 100's to go to this one. Hope when I leave this game were victorious, I have to make the trek back 5 hours home with my friend who's a giants fan, thank goodness there will be more 49ers fans in the car, just him. I'm confident we will win, I'm just hoping tghe finger of Alex doesnt effect his accuracy. I'm also hoping we win this game because this will show the national media we are for real, we proven ourselves long ago, but this game will show the nfl nation and The TEXArkanas whatever that we are the best team in the NFL not them!!! The 49ers are the much better team weve played better, theyve played the worst unto easy victories, and this has inflated there eagos tremendously, those guys need to have a reality check on who the best team is and that noit the Texans its the 49ers 49ers #1 Texans # 6. I give the Giants #2 rating