49ers vs Cardinals: A preview

The 49ers travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals in primetime. I kinda feel sorry for the Cardinals this week, because I have a feeling they are going to get a beatdown. The 49ers in primetime never bodes well for their opponent.

The 49ers sit at 5-2 and the Cards at 4-3. A victory of the Cardinals will give them four losses in a row, which shows that their 4-0 start was nothing but a fluke. The win will put the 49ers at 6-2 heading into their bye and 2-0 in the division.

The keys to the game are two things, run with Gore and Hunter and get pressure on John Skelton all day.

The Cardinals have the worst offensive line in the NFL and Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks, Ray McDonald and Justin Smith should have their way with that line and should be putting Skelton on his ass numerous times.

They Cardinals have no quarterback and they have no runningback. Seriously the 49ers defense are supposed to be worried about Larod Stephens-Howling? Not going to happen.

John Skelton sucks as a quarterback and with the crappy line they have the 49ers should force Skelton into turnovers.

I’m sure Skelton will throw one or two passes up for grabs to Larry Fitzgerald, but that will not be enough.

The only good quality for the Cardinals is their defensive line, Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett hate the 49ers and this game will give them extra motivation. Unfortunately for them the 49ers offensive line has been solid all season and with Iupati and Boone creating holes, Frank Gore should have another solid performance and the 49ers will run away with the victory.

This game should be a walk in the park for the 49ers. The Cardinals do not match up well with the 49ers at all, but the 49ers sometimes seem to play at the same level as their opponent, so this game will either be won close 17-13 or big 27-10.

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