49ers rout Bills 45-3.

The 49ers beat the Buffalo Bills 45-3. Scratch that they humiliated the Bills. The offense put up a total of 621 yards on offense, a franchise record. We are not going to spend much time talking about how great the team looked today. We will leave you with some stats instead.

  • 621 yards of offense the most ever by a 49ers team.
  • The 49ers had a 300 yard passer (Alex Smith), two 100 yard receivers (Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree), and a 100 yard rusher (Frank Gore). That was the first time they accomplished that feat since 1961.
  • 122 games in NFL history with 300+ rush yds & 2,316 with 300+ pass yds, but 49ers today are 1st team with 300 of BOTH.
  • After the win Alex Smith now has a winning record, 36-25.
  • This was Alex Smith’s first 300 yard passing game in a win.
  • Alex Smith finished with a 156.2 QB rating, career best.
  • The last two games the 49ers have outscored their opponents 79-3. (Jets and Bills)
  • Along with Gore’s 106 yards rushing. Hunter had 81, Alex Smith had 49, Kaepernick had 39 and Anthony Dixon had 21.
  • Andy Lee only had to punt twice and Akers only had one field goal attempt.
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  • Lonetexas49ernomore

    Awesome victory wasnt televised in Cali were I was at they instead put on the new england game (BORING) dont know why you'd think they create more ratings in Cali. Anyhow I am tired of the Texans and there city boasting about they are the best team. Being formaly from Texas they think the 49ers are still irrelevant, they are very dillusional down there. Wer have played better teams than them, they played the worst and had the home field advantagein the beginning. We played thebest were away most ofthe time and we win, the minnesota loss was a fluke loss, we were overconfident. anyhow, our team is much better than them, there is no comparison and the Texan fans need a reality check, I'm looking forward to when they play real competition harder teams then we will see them lose some games.

  • lonetexas49ernomore

    They are not bad, they are good but not upper class like we are and they just need to get over themselves, there record has been easy, that makeds them look good really good, they have played bad teams! 49ers have played the best, and we held teams to points and putup points alot of points! Lets see when the texans play the ravens and others on there schedule, lets see how the texan fans react,they need a reality check, dont you agree pundit!

  • Niners

    Agreed. Not sold on the Texans or the Falcons at this point.

    • LoneTexas49ernomore

      I also am not sold on the falcon's they have barely got away with wins, pulled out alot of close ones and barely won or cameback, they won yeterday because RG got injured from the game, so theywent ontoi a easy vicotory after that. I want to see these teams face dsome fearse competition not the easiest. But, I'm more sold on the falcons than the Texans although they arent better than us, I give them #8 ranking while we are # 1. Texans are # 9. tonight will be another easy game for the jets, it would make my night my week if they lose in an upset, I would love that, it would send a message to hee haw down there that there team isnot the real deal, but my excitment can waittill there following opponent. LOse Texans Lose!!!! 49ers are thebest!!!

    • LoneTexasnomore

      I meant another easy game for the Texans, I'm gonna be very excited when they play the real deal and start losing, its gonna happen and Houston LOL is gonna get a big reality check, the49ers are the best!!!