The Morning After: Statement Win Against the Packers

The 49ers went into Lambeau and made a statement with a decisive 30-22 victory. The media pundits now need to take a closer look at the 49ers and realize this defense isn’t going to regress. Here are some links to help you get through the day…

We’ll leave you with David Akers record tying 63 yard field goal…


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  • Curt

    GREAT GAME!! Akers 63 yarder was fantastic. The sub-refs totally sucked!!!

  • Chilofanatic

    You know I've came back on this site after a long time and Pundit continues to be very rude and arrogant,and ignoring my comments, no replies whatsoever!!!! thats why the site is not popular anymore in my opinion, if he doesnt agree with ya or doiesnt think the same he wont reply or act like your comment means anything, learn how to run a site and reply to the fellow fans, are you really a 49ers fan, come on man, we all have opinions on here embrace the ones others were all on the same boat, show some loyalty and a show some commerotery to fellow fans regardless of there different opnions.

    • slapstick49 is a WAY better site, forums too, i dont come on here like i used to, i remember when a bunch of niner fans would comment on here n talk niner football, now its like a ghost town

  • chilofanatic

    Thanks Slapstick I appreciate it, good tohave some feedback, thanks.This guy on this site doesnt like opinions other than his own, don't have a site if you can't maintain it and share your feedback regardless of different views or not, were all 49er fans on here right. I'll check it out sounds better, I ws looking yesterday, thanks man.

    • 49ersNews

      I love you too…