Mums the word on Parys Haralson injury

Word on the street is that OLB Parys Haralson has an injury. The extent of the injury is unknown but Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee casually mentioned that it might put Haralson on the IR.

The tweet from Barrows was surprising since this was the first mention that Haralson might miss some significant time. Digging deeper to find more information on the injury one of our readers pointed out that during the Broncos game Haralson engaged in a block with Joel Dreessen and after the play Haralson looked down at his left forearm. So we know it is his left arm, but what we don’t know is if it is elbow, forearm, or wrist.

When asked if Haralson would be ready for the opener against the Packers, Harbaugh said ‘we’ll see.’ So no offical word on the extent of the injury, but from a recent tweet from Matt Maiocco, the 49ers don’t want anyone talking about Haralson’s injury.

IF Haralson is unable to go against the Packers, the 49ers would have Aldon Smith, Ahmad Brooks and Clark Haggans at the OLB position.

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  • Basharr

    Parys Haralson’s exit Monday to the season-ending, injured-reserve list triggered memories of last season’s injury total. Not many memories, that is. San Jose Mercury News, I read yesterday that it was an arm injury but not specific as to what type of injury.