Chris Houston has words for Randy Moss and Vernon Davis

Edit: Seem Mr Katzenstein twisted words of Chris Houston. Houston said he would never say anything negative about Randy…

Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News tweeted some smack talk from Lions DB Chris Houston.

When I first read that I had to ask myself who is Chris Houston. Seriously, I had to google his name and when I did I found out that Houston has an ankle injury and he may not even be able to play this Sunday. Way to go Houston, talk smack and come to find out may not even be out there to back it up. Randy wasn’t the only one he called out. He also had this to say about Vernon Davis.

At least Houston is providing the 49ers some good bulletin board material…

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  • chilofanatic

    This is very funny, and very arrogant and not respectful of the 49ers, Houston probably grew up a Cpowboy fan i'm figuring or from Houston, LOL. Anyhow this guys gonna eat crow on sunday, its not like they are playing the Houston Texans, LOL, Come on man, Ridiculous!!!! Well if we don't continue to get respect we will just have to keep winning and get it the old fashion way with W's. This is been a long time coming, were finally back, for 10 years it was rough but hopefully now we will silence the critics like Deon. And Pundit is Rogers going to honor the bet placed byto men singer.

    • 49ersNews

      No word yet if Rodgers has followed through on the bet about wearing a Rodgers jersey.

  • Lions Fan

    Go to DETNEWS.COM and read the article. It was taken WAY out of context….Houston was not showing any disrespect to the 49ers. It was the reporters fault taking one line of one quote….

    • 49ersNews

      Yeah I read that. I edited the article to reflect the writer who got his words twisted…