Aaron Rodgers to wear Alex Smith jersey as 49ers beat Packers 30-22

The 49ers went into Lambeau Field and left with a victory. For most of the game the 49ers outplayed the Packers in every aspect of the game, but one bad call on a Packers punt return changed up the game. Leading 23-7 the 49ers were on their way to an easy victory, but they decided to go soft on defense and let the Packers back in the game. Not to mention they got some help from the refs on some real bad calls.

The defense however stepped up when they needed to and on a 4th and long Chris Culliver broke up a long pass to Jordy Nelson which clinched victoy for the 49ers.

Alex Smith played a good game and finished the day 20 of 26 for 211 and touchdowns to Randy Moss and Vernon Davis. Frank Gore rushed for 112 yards and a touchdown. Perhaps the play of the game was a 63 yarder by David Akers before half.

This win was the first regular win since 1990 against the Packers and Alex Smith set a team record with 185 consecutive passes without a interception.

Aaron Rodgers had only 300 yards on 40+ pass attempts. Defense handled him well. Speaking of Rodgers he made a bet with Boyz II Men that if the 49ers beat the Packers he would wear an Alex Smith jersey all week.

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  • Ehh

    You explained nothing about Rodgers wearing Alex's jersey

    • DilfD

      Yeah wtf?

    • Greg

      Rodgers made a bet that if they lost he would wear an Alex Smith jersey for a week.

    • 49ersNews

      Sorry…I thought I did. My mistake. I did update it to reflect the article title. Like others said a bet was made. Now let's see if he follows through on the bet.

  • ninerfaithful

    this 49er team has the chance to be special and alot of that showed on sunday against the packers Alex Smith you have a chance to match A- rod with superbowl rings this year gooooooooo niners…..

  • patsfan

    Sir you are a moron. You dont even tackle the issue inyour headline.

  • daniel

    he made a bet with boys 2 men if the packers lost he would wear a Alex smith jersey… true story