49ers shutout Jets 34-0

The 49ers went into Met Life Stadium and embarrassed the Jets 34-0. The game started a little shaky, the offensive passing game was shaky, the running game was solid, but the 49ers just had trouble putting 7 on the board.

In the 2nd quarter with 3rd and 7 the 49ers put the ball in the hands of Colin Kaepernick and he easily walked into the endzone for 7. After that the 49ers got some turnovers. An interception off of Mark Sanchez and recovered a fumble, but couldn’t take advantage and missed two field goals.

Coming out after half up 10-0 the 49ers stepped up and the defense completely shut down the Jets and got seven of their own on a Carlos Rogers fumble recovery for a touchdown. After that it was all on the running game, which put up 270 yards rushing against a horrible Jets running defense. Frank Gore got a touchdown as well as Kendall Hunter.

To add insult to injury. The 49ers up 34-0 with Colin Kaepernick at quarterback he runs for what would be an easy touchdown any other time, but he slides to keep 7 off the board and not run up the score against the Jets.

Kaepernick rushed for 50 yards on 5 carries.
Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree were only wide receivers with receptions.
Aldon Smith recorded two sacks, puts him at four on the year.
Tim Tebow 2 rushes zero yards.
Anthony Dixon has more rushing yards than Tebow.
Rams beat the Seahawks which puts the 49ers alone in 2nd place (depending outcome of Cardinals game)

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