49ers embarrassed in Minnesota

The 49ers went into Minnesota which was looking like an easy victory, but in the NFL nothing is ever easy. The 49ers showed up unprepared and Harbaugh was outcoached.

Nothing seemed to go the 49ers way. Christian Ponder lofted up touchdown passes and when the Vikings did fumble it fell right into the hands of the Vikings for more yards.

The 49ers fought and tried multiple times to get back into it. Kyle Williams had some nice kickoff returns, but the 49ers could only manage three points out of it. At one point down by four looking to possibly take the lead Frank Gore fumbles. Nothing went there way. They even had a chance late in the game to comeback when Donte Whitner dropped a sure interception for a touchdown.

All in all it was a poor executed game by the 49ers. Perhaps the worst game played under Harbaugh. I know they can’t win them all but at least you hope they win the games they should. Hopefully this defeat will send a message to the team that they can’t get to full of themselves and get back to what they do best. Regroup and beat the crap out of the Jets…

– Alex Smith threw his first interception in 249 attempts.
– Frank Gore passed Roger Craig for all-time carries.
– Frank Gore had first fumble in 255 carries.

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