Whoda Thunk It? Anthony Dixon in 49ers’ plans

If you had Anthony Dixon making the 49ers 53 man roster, please pick up the white courtesy phone and claim your prize.

In a piece by Matt Maiocco he writes about how both OC Greg Roman and GM Trent Baalke both say that Dixon has played himself on the team.

Roman had this to say about Dixon during a KNBR interview. ‘I think we can look to ‘Dix’ to have his most productive season as a Niner.’

On the other side Baalke said this on 95.7 The Game. ‘Anthony is a 49er,’ … ‘The guy loves to be here. He works his tail end off every day. He’s had a tremendous offseason and it’s staring to show.’

‘He has worked on his body. He’s got himself at a good playing weight. He’s learning two positions now, fullback and running back. We’re pleased with what he’s doing on the offensive side and also pleased with what he brings to the table on special teams.’

Wow. I never would have guessed that Anthony Dixon would make the team this season, not with the additions of Brandon Jacobs and LaMichael James, not to mention the way he dances at the line. But you have to give Dixon credit, he worked his ass off to improve and do whatever he could to be part of this team.

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    Pundit my old buddy, thanks for getting back to me on my comments on the cuts, mainly bringing up A. Dixon, who I stated I thinjk will be a good choice to keep instead of Cartwright, whatever you spell his name. I look at dixon as another Robinson, but unlike Robinson he's passiaonate about being a 49ER, and embraces our tradition and our history, that makes me sold on him!! And the guy is proven when we need a 3rd backup or in his case a 4th. He's gonna be effective when we need him, he's a tool, a good 3rd, 4th backup thats all. So myopinion and evaluation was not only on my mind buyt also from the coaching staff, he's got some ball in him indeed! Are you done ignoiringme pundit, or are you busy, I expected more courtesy from you my friend!


    I'm claiming my prize, what do I get Pundit??

  • NinerPundit

    Lone…you get an autographed photo of Steve Stenstrom handing off to Amp Lee… :)


    Love it my brother!!! ;0 Thanks for replying friend!