The Sky is Falling…Not Really

If you were to base the 49ers season record on their preseason performance, you could say they’d finish the season 0-16.

The 49ers went up against the Broncos today and the starters didn’t look good. They looked sloppy and like they didn’t try. I’m not going to base their performance today on what to expect for the season, mainly because they did not gameplan for this Broncos game. The offense was without Manningham and majority of touches went to Anthony Dixon. On the defensive side of the ball, they were without Bowman, Culliver, and Aldon Smith.

I’m not trying to make excuses, it’s just that I really don’t put to much stock into preseason. This team went 4-0 with Singletary in preseason. Not to mention the team didn’t look that good last preseason and they were a few plays from the Super Bowl.

Yes the team needs to tighten up and make some changes, but I’d rather them be rusty now and play vanilla now than later. If the team looks like this against Green Bay, than we can start to worry.

The few highlights were the touchdown pass from Smith to Vernon and the interception return by Perrish Cox. Anthony Dixon had a nice touchdown run, but the hole was so huge I think anyone could have made that touchdown. Also the 49ers backups are better than the Broncos.

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  • Mo P

    It’s only preseason and the backups did come back to win. But if Aaron Rodgers lights up this defense and the 49er offense struggles to do anything in the season opener you can’t exactly say you didn’t see it coming.

  • Basharr

    From what I saw today was enough to know they can pull it together. Dixon actually looked good, Moss does not impress at all. He is slow and should go hang with another has been TO. I saw lots of spark and the second string QB was impressive.