First round of cuts are in. 49ers cut 14

Today was the first day of team cuts. All teams were to be at the 75 man limit by 1:00 PST today.

Kyle Bonagura who covers the 49ers for CBS Sports was the first to reveal the names of players the 49ers released. Of the 14 names, none of them should come as a surprise.

FB Cameron Bell
LB Kourtnei Brown
DL Patrick Butryms
WR Ben Hannula
WR Joe Hastings
DL Matt Masifilo
DB Cory Nelms
DB Deante’ Purvis
TE Joe Sawyer
OL Jason Slowey
K Giorgio Tavecchio
WR Brian Tyms

Reserve/Non-Football Injury List
RB Jewel Hampton

Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform List
LB Darius Fleming

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  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    Pundit how are you my old friend, haven't been on here in years. I'm now a california boy now, but watching this team for years through (1986-present) through the ups and down and seeing us finally getting the offensive prowless I always thought we needed brings many tears to my eyes!! We have the offensive mastermind In Harbough I always thought we neeeded he's very much reminds me of Walsh but different in personality. These cuts are excellent, but there is one cut I feel like we should not do, and that is A. Dixon!!! I'm not a huge fan of his, but he is wants to be a 49er and he takes pride and respect and takes it a honor to be a 49er and I like that, because most of these youngsters don't realize the tradition and legacy we have here being really young, and Dixon does!! I'm not a huge fan of him, but I think he does contribute off the bench and he's not a bad player. I say get rid of Cartright however you spell his name, I think he's unproven and will not amount to much in my opinion, so I hope we make don't make a mistake and let go of Dixon go!!

  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    This years rookie class, Particularly Jenkins looney, and L.James I havent heard these guys, they need to realize!!! I think they are the worst class we've in a while and these guys have an arrogance about them that rubs me wrong and I'm sure others too. I think the Texans game gave limachael a humbling experience and made him cherish his God givien ability he seemed like he's realizing what being a 49er is all about hard work class and being accoutable!! I am completly dumbfounded about Jenkins not jumpingon the invitation given tohim by the Greatest of all time, wow!! Getting an invitation to go with Jerry to the Hill, he's the Jordon of footBALL the GOAT and he didn't jump on that chance, that is mind boggling big time to me, WOW!!! I guess its just the new schoolers mentality, not knowing much about the 80's and 90's and this storied franchise, just unbelievable in my opinion, wow!!! They need to get a quick history lesson from someone, not by just looking at the trophy case, it should be mandatory when the rookies to watch a tape of our legacy, like going to work for a company and them putting you threw company training.

  • LonesTexas49ernomore

    Jerry Rice, the best football player of all time, one of the best of all time, wow!!! I'd be jumping all over that and many others would follow suit!! AJ better get off high horse, watch some tapes of 49ers and Jerry history, and give him a call ASAP, watching those tapes would put a tear in his eye of this amazing legacy and history here, it did mine!!! I'd put Jerry's number on speed dial, if that still exists, LOL!!! He will motivate other players to win with his antics, good attitude and excitement, and he knows the tradition here. I saw him last year waving the 49ers flag around, he takes pride being a 49er and he's a funny dude thats makes the bench and atmosphere comfortable and show's 49er pride to newcomers and others around!

  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    Sorry copy and pasted my last comment, I saw Dixon waiving that flag and I meant he's honored and humbled to be a 49er I can tell, he knows the history and although he's not the best he's still good better than Cartright proven and passionate about being a 49er unlike this rookie class we have,theyneed to be schooled asap! Our veterans know the 49er way, the tradition and honor it is to be a 49er to play here, they need to school these youngsters so they will play there very best always, losing here is not an option, that is the 49er way!!! I say keep Dixon though, he has contributed and been a difference of the bench when needed.

  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    Sorry for the bad grammer, typing fast. Goodtalking to you pundit, been a long time, have a blessed day.