49ers video: ‘It Gets Better’

The 49ers put together the NFL’s first ‘It Gets Better’ video condemning anti-gay violence and bullying

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  • Jay

    I love the NFL, and I've always been a huge fan of the 49ers, but I think it is a huge disgrace on the part of the 49ers to have ever created such a video for this cause. I don't have any problem at all being sociable, polite, friendly, etc. to any and all lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans sexual people. I have friends who have chosen such lifestyles and I do not ridicule them or bully them in the least of ways; however, I don't condone such lifestyle either, although I'm still friends with them. I just have a hard time understanding where the gay agenda fits into the realm of sports. Furthermore, why would anyone even attempt to spread a message of false hope to those who have chosen to live a gay lifestyle? Who are they fooling? It's not going to "get better." This is very disturbing to me that the NFL would ever allow such messages to published, and as big a fan as I am of the Niners, this changes the way I view the organization as a whole, as I am firm believer, supporter and follower of Jesus Christ who declared his love for all by demonstrating it on the cross. By grace, making it possible for forgiveness of all sin, not accepting or promoting the wrong lifestyle, but by drawing the sinner unto repentance with his love for them.

    • tim yb

      San Francisco has been the epicenter of the gay rights movement for decades. If any NFL organization was going to step up it was going to be the 49ers. I'm a life-long 49er fan, and I'm more proud than ever to be a 49er fan. In 20 years homophobes will be looked down upon just like racists are today. If your religious beliefs won't allow you to be a 49er fan, you should probably fuck off and follow Tebow to the Jets. And since I'm sure you're the type of turd who would disregard the comments of somebody who is LGBT, I'm a straight male.

  • Michael Marowitz

    Stick your religious bigotry where the sun don't shine, Jay. Your arrogant small-mindedness is part of the reason why it's necessary that everyone, including the 49ers, needs to confront one of the last bastions of bigotry.

  • Adam 49er

    Jay you are ignorant my friend. Its not your fault You are antiquated. You belong in the last century. Not this one. It is getting better and it has to. Im a man married to a beautiful woman. All people should have that opportunity. Jesus doesnt have a Super Bowl ring. He also doesnt need you speaking for him. Jesus would tell LGBT people also that IT gets BETTER!