49ers lose 20-9 but injuries hurt more than loss

The 49ers didn’t look good out there today. It would have been nice to say they escaped Houston without any injuries, but that wasn’t the case.

Early on quarterback Alex Smith took a beating. He seemed to have gotten hit every snap he took. It was clear the 49ers were playing an exhibition while the Texans were playing their Super Bowl. In the first on Brandon Jacobs first carry he took a hard hit to his left knee which required him to get assistance off the field and took a cart to the locker room. No word on the injury itself, but it didn’t look good.

With about 4 minutes left in the 4th rookie runningback LaMichael James suffered an ankle injury. He also was helped off the field, no word on his status either. Two key players the 49ers were looking to help the running game ended up getting xrays at the end.

The 49ers will work on their mistakes this game and hopefully the injuries to Jacobs and James are not that serious and they do not miss that much time.

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  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    LOL, your exactly right, we had our second teamers in there most of this game, and the Texans had there first stringers against our seconds most of that time, but man did they act like it was an evenly matched game, they acted like they won the superbowl, there media did not mention they were playing there firsts against our seconds 90% of the time, they imagined it was evently matched and that wasnt the case at all, this was a test for harbough to cut down the roster, to evaluate players and the Texan country people played full boar like it was the playoffs, LOL,it was funny to see. I think the Texans thought we win this game against the niners and its over the superbowl is won, LOL, very delusionla on there behalf. I think they wanted to boost there already inflated ego(being from texas I know there mentality there)

  • LoneTexas49ernomore

    Our 49ers are a muchbetter team by far, put our first stringers out against there firsts the entire game like they did the 49ers would of embarresed the Texans and it would of been no contest. They did not play our best players, this was a an exbition not the real deal Texans get over it!!! Maybe they will come the season when team play for real.