Scott Shanle tells Donte Whitner to shut his mouth

Good old twitter. It seems that Saints linebacker Scott Shanle (Don’t worry I had to google his name as well) had a few choice words for 49ers safety Donte Whitner.

It seems that Shanle read an article where Whitner said that ‘good defenses don’t need bounties.’ It looks like Shanle didn’t take to kindly to that. I’m guessing Shanle still can’t get over the fact that he let Vernon Davis run right behind him and didn’t have quite long enough arms to knock down the game winning pass from Alex Smith. Anyway, here is what Shanle had to say to Whitner

Here is the whole thing in text format.

Donte Whitner: Good defenses don’t need bounties…guy needs to shut his mouth and mind his own business. Don’t remember them winning the superbowl. U still ringless. We got one and working on two now. Try to keep up.

Yeah I think Shanle is still bitter…

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  • Basharr

    Last I heard we had 5 count them 5 rings and it should be remembered it did not take bounties to get them either. You know, just sayin….working on 2…lol hows that going for you?