Alex Smith on his new weapons, ‘Love it, Love it’

Ian Rapoport of caught up with Alex Smith on the links in Tahoe and Ian asked Alex what he thought of his new weapons, here is what Alex had to say.

‘Love it, love it,’ … ‘We had a great offseason, a lot of new faces came in, really fit in. But this is the time when real football starts, put the pads on and we’ll see what everybody’s got.’

Alex then had this to say about newcomer Randy Moss.

‘He’s been a blast on the field and off the field,’ … ‘Great guy, great teammate, catches everything, makes you look good as a quarterback, so it’s been great.’

And finally Alex on the loss to the Giants in the NFC Championship game.

‘That bitter taste is still there.’

‘But at that same point, you gotta just press delete, doesn’t mean anything,’ he said. ‘You get to that opening game knowing it doesn’t matter how many games you won the year before you got in the playoffs. That’s the great thing about the NFL. A new year and you have to reprove yourself.’

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