Aldon Smith sustains minor injuries from stabbing

This hasn’t been a good offseason for Aldon Smith. First he gets a DUI and now he sustains ‘minor injuries’ from a stabbing.

According to reports Smith was trying to break up a fight at around 2 a.m. It is believed it was a small pocket knife and Smith was stabbed in shoulder and abdomen. The 49ers released the following statement.

“The San Francisco 49ers are aware that Aldon Smith incurred minor injuries during an incident last night. We are in contact with Aldon, and thankful that his injuries were not more serious and that he is recovering comfortably. The 49ers are also in communication with local authorities as they gather information regarding the incident, and will reserve further comment at this time.”

It is a relief that the injuries are minor, but I’m sure the 49ers will sit down and have a long talk with Aldon about his off the field actions…

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  • Marcus

    Grow the fuck up Aldon! We've moved so much closer to getting trophy 6. can't have stupid shit happening off the field.

  • Kalvin

    ha ha ha he does need to grow the fuck up. we need this 6th trophey