What I Learned from Michael Crabtree Chat

Michael Crabtree was the player whose name was drawn out of a hat this week to participate in the 49ers Player/Fan Chat. I’m not sure why I was expecting a tough question would be answered. I guess I’m naive. We all know that the questions are screened and that they choose the non-controversial or uninteresting ones.

As I type this, the chat has been going on for about 30 minutes and from that 30 minutes here is what I learned.

  • Crabtree would be Batman if he could be a superhero.
  • He eats bacon, eggs, and grits before games.
  • He isn’t a NASCAR fan.
  • He owns lots of Jordans.
  • We will not see him on Dancing with the Stars next season.
  • The Dallas Mavericks are his favorite team.
  • He has yet to find good BBQ in the Bay Area.
  • The Nike uniforms are sweet.
  • Joe Staley is the best singer in the locker room.
  • He could be Anthony Dixon in a rap battle.
  • He can throw the ball if asked to do a trick play.
  • And he is a better dresser than Vernon.

I’m gonna stop there. I know the chat will go one for about another 15-30 minutes and nothing earth shattering will be revealed. Hopefully though, we find out who his favorite Golden Girl is.

I know I was foolish to think something the fans really want to know would be chosen, but I still held out hope. Here are some of the questions most likely not answered.

  • If Teddy Ginn wasn’t hurt would you have made it to the Super Bowl?
  • Will we see you participating this year at Training Camp?
  • What do you have to say to the critics who label you a Diva?
  • Why do you think you only had 3 passes thrown your way against the Giants?

Oh well, maybe next time…

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