More Pressure Than Ever Before for Alex Smith

One game erased seven years of mediocrity. One game got him a three year deal. One game made lots of fans forget those seven years, but is that one game enough.

Coach Jim Harbaugh is already on record stating Alex is the starter with Kaepernick, Johnson and Tolzien competing to be his backup, nothing wrong with that. Last season Alex showed he can lead the team to the playoffs and beyond. He didn’t put up Hall of Fame numbers, but he did what was asked of him. He managed the games, rallied the team when his number was called and didn’t turn the ball over. Sure he got help from the defense, but the defense isn’t what this article is about.

It’s about how much pressure will be on Alex Smith from here on out. The team expressed interest in Peyton Manning in the offseason, so that sort of says the team wasn’t 100 percent sold on Smith. Smith knows this and so does everyone else.

Where the team finished last season puts more pressure on Alex than ever before. The team, the coaches and the fans know what he is capable of and the expectations are even higher.

The team went out and added a lot of speed this offseason, speed meant to open up the offense. Speed that Alex has to take advantage of. General Manager Trent Baalke added more playmakers for Smith and the defense is still intact. Can we say anything short of the Super Bowl is a failure?

One thing is for certain Alex Smith has no more excuses.

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