Anthony Davis Launches Stop Cohn Campaign

If you follow Anthony Davis on twitter, it sure got entertaining today. For those not in the loop, yesterday Press Democrat’s Grant Cohn wrote a piece titled ‘Moss Steals the Show’ In it Grant basically talked about what he saw at practice. One part of it in particular caught the attention of Anthony Davis who went to twitter and basically called Grant a hack.

As Moss leapt in the end zone and caught the pass, the Niners went wild. Anthony Davis threw his hands up in the air and squealed like a child.

The tweets from Davis have since been deleted but the Bay Area Sports Guy was kind enough to capture the screenshots before Davis got rid of them. It didn’t stop there however.

On to Day 2. Grant wrote a piece following up with Anthony Davis and in a nutshell asked Davis if he was mad at him. Davis said his article was garbage…yada yada yada and todays meeting between the two has led an Anthony Davis Twitter campaign to trend the following #StopCohn. Below are my favorite tweets from Anthony regarding his favorite beat writer Grant Cohn.

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