Alex Smith: No More Mr. Nice Guy?

Alex Smith has always been ‘Mr. Take the High Road,’ but not anymore.

Alex Smith was asked today to account why the 49ers ranked 29th in NFL in passing yards per game last year. The new Alex Smith didn’t go the PC route, he didn’t choose the safe words. He told it like it is.

‘I could absolutely care less on yards per game,’ Smith said. ‘I think that is a totally overblown stat because if you’re losing games in the second half, guess what, you’re like the Carolina Panthers and you’re going no-huddle the entire second half. Yeah, Cam Newton threw for a lot of 300-yard games. That’s great. You’re not winning, though.’

Wow…take that Mr. Newton.

‘We’re up in the third and fourth quarter and naturally you’re going to be in four-minute offense,’ Smith said. ‘You’re going to be grinding it out. You’re going to be running the ball a lot more and you’re not going to have as many 300-yard passing games.’

This came from the same guy who had two head coaches question his leadership and his toughness. When Nolan and Singletary threw Smith under the bus, he took it on the chin and played nice. After reading his comments today it feels like Smith has taken more of his current head coach’s personality and in a not so subtle way has said, ‘Screw it.’

All I gotta say is I like this new Alex Smith…

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